Nithya Ramesh won the Bronze medal at the European Open Championship in Belarus

Nithya Ramesh represented India in the Ice Skating competition. She won the bronze medal at the European Open championship. It was held in Belarus. But it’s sad that she didn’t get any recognition. Representing India in a world event and winning the bronze medal is not a simple thing. But sadly, our media won’t be focusing on such talents. Players like Nithya Ramesh don’t get enough recognition and motivation which they deserve. Sports other than cricket mainly and football, badminton, and tennis to some extent, don’t get any coverage in our country. It’s very harsh for those players who represent India at the international level and give their best.





This is one of the posts of a Facebook page. The woman at the left meets her after landing at the airport. And that’s how we came to know about her. This girl Nithya Ramesh deserves so much recognition. Ice Skating isn’t very popular in India, but despite that, she won a bronze medal in that sport.

There are many players like Nithiya Ramesh who thrives for India but lacks recognition. We, the people of India, needs to step forward and bring more and more of these players into the limelight. And give them their deserved recognition.

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Hats off to Nithya Ramesh and also to that woman who brought her to some limelight. You made us all proud as a nation. All the best for your future and hope you win many more medals for India.



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