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YouTube Shorts celebrates two years in India

Unlocking the next chapter of growth through multiformat creators, monetization opportunities and regional innovation

Two years ago, YouTube introduced Shorts in India, furthering its mission to give everyone a voice and help creators grow their audiences and be inspired by new video formats. Since its inception, YouTube Shorts has grown into a community of more than 1.5B monthly logged-in users globally, generating 30 billion views per day, four times more than 1 year ago. Here are top trends and developments that will help shape and influence the creator economy on YouTube.

Multiformat creators to pave the way for what’s to come next in digital video

YouTube has seen the birth of a new trend that is unique to the platform: “the rise of the multiformat creator and artist.” Moving seamlessly between and leveraging the full breadth of different video formats on YouTube — from Shorts, Long-form, Live — these multiformat creators and artists are unlocking content combinations to maximize their creativity, reach, community connection, and revenue. The interplay between video formats mirrors the reality of today’s viewer, who expect content to suit their active lives, varied interests and wide-ranging attention spans.

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YouTube Shorts celebrates two years in India

This approach has been yielding real results for both creators and artists. In April 2022, Shorts containing content sampled from long-form videos generated over 100B views. With the launch of Shorts, artist and creator channels uploading both Shorts and long-form are seeing better overall watch time and subscriber growth relative to that only uploading long-form.

YouTube rolled out a new design for YouTube Analytics which allows creators and artists to see insights and performance data for specific content across different video formats: VOD (video on demand), Live, and Shorts. This multiformat analytics allows creators to individualize and optimize their content strategies more effectively to make the most of the platform for both reach and revenue opportunities.

Shorts is opening the door for mobile-first creators from all corners of India

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In India, Shorts is lowering the barriers for under-represented voices that may otherwise have not had a platform. Young creators, from small towns and even India’s hinterlands, across regions and languages are now able to unlock opportunities to express their creativity through Shorts.

Celebrating their history and traditions, unique cultures, and even distinctive local quirks, like the BusTubers of Kerala, these creators are able to connect with a wide diaspora through relatable content, shared interest, and even nostalgia.

Part of the magic of Shorts is not only watching new trends but participating and reshaping their direction through a unique blend of culture and creativity. This has manifested in delightful ways from regional instruments and sounds synced to popular beats and lyrics to popular global hits reimagined in native languages.

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A place for any and every community to take off

YouTube has always been a place for people to discover and connect more deeply with things they love, where any and every community can come together to connect, and YouTube Shorts is no different. From calisthenics to Rubik’s Cube art, cricket, the comicverse, and many more, communities on YouTube are bursting through from niches to the mainstream.

For instance: The NRI community shows up on YouTube Shorts in heartwarming ways by inspiring those who are hopeful of living abroad or helping people navigate life in a new place. Shayaris are having a moment on YouTube, with creators Sameed Saab, Tamkeen Khan, and Arunendra7 helping reignite interest in the forgotten genre. Shorts creators have also turned the daily dilemma of ‘What’s for Lunch’ into a creative expression, sharing recipes as they cook and pack lunch for their families.

Ajay Vidyasagar, Regional Director, APAC, YouTube Partnerships, said: “Shorts have become an essential part of the YouTube experience for our creators and viewers. Now being watched by over 1.5B logged-in users every month globally, the product is growing thanks to the creativity of our community. While we’re still at the beginning of our journey with Shorts, we look forward to continuing to innovate the product so our creators can continue to express themselves, connect with their audiences, and increase their reach and revenue opportunities on the platform.”

Pawan Agarwal, Director, Music Partnerships, India & South Asia, YouTube said: It is our mission to help all artists forge their own path on YouTube. We want YouTube to be the go-to platform for artists to connect and create meaningful relationships with their fans and grow long-term, sustainable music careers. Shorts, combined with long-form video, is proving to be a critical way to do that.


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