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What is Moye Moye and Why is This Viral Trend Taking the Internet By Storm? Know Everything

In recent times, if you’ve been active on social media, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the viral sensation known as ‘Moye Moye’. This trend, which has captured the attention of netizens worldwide, originated from a Serbian song titled ‘Dzanum’, performed by Teya Dora, a Serbian singer-songwriter.

The song, which has quickly become a staple on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, has garnered over 57 million views on YouTube, making it a cultural phenomenon. The song is currently trending at No. 1 on YouTube.

Interestingly, while the song’s lyrics convey themes of sorrow, despair, and nightmares, the song’s adaptation in Instagram reels from India has taken a humorous turn, infusing elements of laughter and joy into the otherwise melancholic tune.

What is “Moye Moye”?

The term ‘Moye Moye’, derived from the song’s repetitive lyrics, has become a buzzword across various social media platforms. The catchy and simple chorus of the song has made it easy for people to lip-sync and create content around it. It’s important to note that the phrase is actually ‘Moye More’, but the viral trend has popularized it as ‘Moye Moye’ due to the beat’s infectious nature.

In these social media creations, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, a common theme involves a character missing a body part. When this absence is pointed out, the characters erupt into the song’s catchy phrase, adding a unique twist to the song’s original theme.

We have some of the most viewed YouTube content using lyrics of Moye More below:

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The Trend’s Rise to Popularity

The trend gained significant momentum in India following the country’s loss in the World Cup 2023 final against Australia. This event led to a surge in World Cup-related videos featuring the song.

According to reports, the song is often used in memes that are dramatic, sad, or emotional. The sound became viral in Bangladesh in October 2023. The song, originally released in March 2023, has a chorus that translates to ‘My nightmares.’

Teya Dora: The Voice Behind the Hit ‘Moye Moye’

Teya Dora, whose real name is Teodora Pavlovska, was born in 1992 in Bor, Serbia. She later moved to Belgrade and pursued her musical education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Teya Dora has been an influential figure in the Serbian music scene, first making her mark as a songwriter and composer. She notably penned the title track for Nikolija’s 2019 album “Yin & Yang”.

The collaboration between Teya Dora and Serbian rapper Slobodan Velkovic Coby resulted in the creation of ‘Moye Moye’, a track that resonates with themes of unfulfilled dreams and the relentless pursuit of a brighter future amidst sorrow. The song narrates the story of enduring nightmares, battling despair, feeling alienated, and yet yearning for someone’s comforting presence.

Here are some comments by the viewers on YouTube:

“Amazing Song” viewer commented.

“No one can understand us, this song will explain us.” commented a viewer.

“So beautiful song” another added.

“Your song touches our hearts. may your dreams be good.” another comment from Bangladesh.

As ‘Moye Moye’ continues to dominate social media feeds across the globe, its catchy melody and deep lyrical content keep engaging and inspiring creators to interpret and share it in their unique ways.


  1. <strong>What is 'Moye Moye'?</strong>

    ‘Moye Moye’ is a viral trend based on the song ‘Dzanum’ by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora. The song has gained immense popularity on various social media platforms, particularly for its catchy melody and the phrase ‘Moye Moye’ used in the chorus.

  2. <strong>What does the phrase 'Moye Moye' mean?</strong>

    The phrase ‘Moye Moye’ is a mispronunciation of ‘Moye More’, which is repeated in the song’s chorus. In Serbian, ‘More’ translates to ‘nightmare’, reflecting the song’s deeper themes of despair and longing.

  3. <strong>Who is the artist behind 'Moye Moye'?</strong>

    The artist behind the song is Teya Dora, a Serbian singer and songwriter. She collaborated with Serbian rapper Slobodan Velkovic Coby for this track.

  4. <strong>Why is 'Moye Moye' so popular on social media?</strong>

    The song’s simple and repetitive lyrics make it easy for people to lip-sync and create engaging content. The trend has become popular due to its humorous adaptation in social media reels and memes, contrasting the song’s original themes of anguish and nightmares.


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