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Vivo X100s with Dimensity 9300+ Dominates AnTuTu with 2.3M+ Score

Vivo may introduce three new models this month, X100s, X100s Pro, and X100 Ultra. Vivo X100s is anticipated to be functionally better than the previous X100 series, namely the X100 and X100 Pro. Despite the identical status processor between the two models, Vivo, the first to use the new processor, has upgraded from a Dimensity 9300 processor to a Dimensity 9300+ processor for the X100s series.  Not to mention that benchmark test results for the X100s model utilizing the Dimensity 9300+ have just been published online.

Vivo X100s

More About Vivo X100s and Dimensity 9300+

Han Boxiao, Vivo’s product director, reported benchmark scores for the X100s model. Boxiao not only unveiled the Geekbench listing but also shared the AnTuTu results. Additionally, he outlined the key disparities between the standard Dimensity 9300 and the new 9300+ processors. Boxiao states that the Primary frequency and AI performance have been up to the mark, speaking out for the Dimensity 9300+ processor being quite a bit stronger. Simply put, the Dimensity 9300+ is an overclocked version of the classic 9300 SoC.

image 8 78 jpg Vivo X100s with Dimensity 9300+ Dominates AnTuTu with 2.3M+ Score

The smartphone, Vivo X100s on AnTuTu receives 2,305,267 total points – an excellent result. And the component departments gave the following results: CPU – 538,809, GPU – 940,944, memory – 472,337, UX – 353,177. The standard Vivo X100, built on the Dimensity 9300, shows about 2,05 million points. And in terms of GeekBench.

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image 8 82 jpg Vivo X100s with Dimensity 9300+ Dominates AnTuTu with 2.3M+ Score

The flagship Vivo smartphone X100s on Dimensity 9300+ scored 2,313 and 7,743 points for one-core and multi-core runs, which is significantly superior to the average Dimensity 9300. For comparison, the ordinary Vivo X100 with Dimensity 9300 gave developers about 7,351 multi-core and 2,205 single-core characters. All the above shows that the Dimensity 9300 Plus is a qualitative improvement over the base model, so Vivo X100s can soon lead the market. What’s more, the hype is visible on the Internet, and the launch is about to happen shortly.


  1. What’s special about the Dimensity 9300 Plus in the Vivo X100s?

    The Dimensity 9300 Plus offers enhanced performance in main frequency and AI capabilities compared to the standard Dimensity 9300.

  2. How does the Vivo X100s perform in benchmarks compared to its predecessor?

    The Vivo X100s achieves remarkable benchmark scores, exceeding 2.3 million points on AnTuTu and showcasing significant improvements in both single-core and multi-core performance over the standard model.


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