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Top 5 Companies aiming to protect women’s safety

Top 5 Companies aiming to protect women’s safety: It is critical to make workplaces and women’s travel safer as more and more women join the workforce and balance the unbalanced ratio of female employees. The Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act addresses unwelcome events, but travelers also need to drive at a safer distance because abandoned highways are frequently the scene of horrific crimes against women. These businesses are making a concerted effort to guarantee that women have safe environments wherever they go and can eventually succeed in their chosen fields.

Top 5 Companies aiming to protect women’s safety

Mirasys India

Leading the industry in analytics and video monitoring is Mirasys India. By utilizing technology to protect and empower women in public spaces, they are leading the way in creating a safer world for women in partnership with Intel. Artificial intelligence-driven Mirasys Women Safety Solution fights crimes against women in public spaces, universities, and similar environments. It provides current, useful data that may be used right away to increase safety.

With the use of potent artificial intelligence technology, Mirasys (India) enhanced surveillance capabilities by integrating the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINOTM Toolkit. The Mirasys Women Safety Solution makes use of on-site sensors and cameras to acquire a better understanding of incidents against women in pedestrian areas. With the use of sophisticated analytics, it provides safety insights for women by classifying photos according to gesture and gender.


With the help of Women’s Safety Hub and the development of their Global Women’s Safety Expert Advisors, a group of twelve nonprofit leaders, activists, and academic experts, Meta is making the online world a safer place for women and has established new policies, products, and programs to better support the women who use their mobile applications. All of the safety resources needed by women when using Meta platforms are gathered in the Women’s Safety Hub. It offers resources for journalists, female leaders, and victims of abuse.

She’s Birdie

The company was started by Amy Ferber and Alison Peters, and it produces personal safety alarms in a range of vibrant, candy-like colors. The device has a strobe light and an alarm that go off when the top is removed. The alarm is simple to attach and carry because it hangs from a keychain and may be used as often as necessary. This warning is intended to make you visible in a situation when you want people to take note of what’s happening.

In 2022, She’s Birdie introduced live safety features along with a new subscription-based enterprise. The new devices have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for round-the-clock call help and real-time location tracking. Users have the option to stay on the phone with a friend or relative by pressing a button that shares their location with them.

Hera Global Tech

Hera Global Tech was established in 2017 by Poorvi Mathur with the goal of addressing the problem of women’s safety through user- and community-centered personal safety solutions and products. The founders established it with a base in Bengaluru and a headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA, in response to the current surge in sexual assault and abuse. ‘Autonomous,’ the company’s debut product, is a wearable gadget with a companion phone app that leverages new sensor technology to identify high-risk situations intuitively based on physiological and individual reactions. It also notifies the wearer’s identified contacts or community of their location. It is an automatic response that doesn’t require pressing a button or making a phone call.


Former journalist Silvy Kalra experienced her fair share of scary times and late nights while traveling alone in Delhi. She had a persistent fear that would not go away whenever she came home after midnight. This inspired her to launch her non-profit organization FightHer, which aims to protect women’s safety in the city, and a series of self-defense classes in her neighborhood.

In addition to using readily accessible props, trainers impart skills including how to defend against knife attacks, how to protect if attacked from behind, where to strike and flee from an attack, how to defend with basic kicks, knee defense, and shin kicks on the lower leg. FightHer aims to increase women’s confidence in addition to teaching self-defense.

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