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Top 5 BGMI Gamers Of India You Should Know About

Do you know the Top 5 BGMI Gamers in India, if not then don’t worry because you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of people play the game, yet remain unaware of the masters of the field.

In recent times a new entry in the field of battle royale games has spread sensation to all across the world. The game is PUBG, and soon after its release it was a massive hit worldwide.

However for some reason, it was banned in India, and soon after another similar game was introduced. In simple words, it is a localized version of PUBG and was known as BGMI or BattleGrounds Mobile India.

However, this game too was banned for 10 months, and now it is live again for players. In this background, it will be useful for the fans of the game to know the Top 5 BGMI Gamers. So without any delay’s let get started.

Top 5 BGMI Gamers Of India You Should Know About

Top 5 BGMI Gamers In India

Following are the Top 5 BGMI Gamers in India who have earned quite a fame, name, and money by their gaming skills. They are following,


The undisputed king of the BGMI is Jonathan who is the first rank achiever in Top 5 BGMI Gamers. He has earned his name for defeating his opponents in the game, and it seems impossible to overpower him in the game.

Today he is the number one BGMI player in India and boasts world recognition too. The reason behind his popularity is the consistency that he maintains on the MVP leaderboards.

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Another name from the Top 5 BGMI Gamers is this which is very famous in India. He has been a part of Team SouL for a long period. He is one of the best and most skilled assaulters in the game, he has won many awards.

They include Top Fragger and MVP for individual performances while helping his team to win the high–level tournaments. AkshaT is considered as the best close–range player with the brilliant presence of mind.


Real name Khush Singh and well–known name Jokerr have an illustrated career with minor setbacks. He started his gaming journey with PUBG and then with BGMI and played the game for years.

However, he didn’t get the attention he was working for but has pretty good close–range capabilities.


Harsh from the Gods Reign is known as AquaNox and is a leading name from the Top 5 BGMI Gamers. He is quite underrated even after the fact that he has been a consistent player for a long time.

Till now he has bagged several MVP awards and won various B–tier tournaments. With his skill set he is an important asset for the Gods Reign and helping them to win tournaments and individual awards.


The next name in the 5 Top BGMI Gamers is Vivek known as ClutchGod. He has represented various esports organizations such as 8Bit, GodLike, and Team SouL just to count a few.


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