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The Top 10 Startup-Friendly Countries in 2024

Top 10 Startup-Friendly Countries in 2024: All You Need to Know

Are you an entrepreneur seeking the perfect place to kickstart your new venture? By 2023, numerous countries globally will be actively fostering a conducive environment for startups.

Top 10 Startup-Friendly Countries in 2024

United States

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The United States has the most unicorns and the highest total valuation of any country. It now has 666 startups, with an additional 179 expected in 2022 and another 463 expected after COVID. Compared to the nominal GDP of $26.9 trillion in the United States, the worth of these unicorns is $2 trillion.

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At the close of 2022, China was home to 316 startups; 15 had been born that year and another 110 had been born after the introduction of the COVID virus. Comparatively, China’s current nominal GDP is $19.4 trillion, whereas the total value of all of its unicorns is $1.3 trillion.


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At the end of 2022, India had 68 unicorns, which puts it in third place; 47 of these will have been created following the Covid. India gained 14 new unicorns in the year 2022.

United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom has added 10 new unicorns in the last year, bringing the total to 49. The number of unicorns increased by 36 after the COVID epidemic.

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By the end of 2022, Germany had 36 unicorns, the same number the UK had after the COVID pandemic. Germany expressly introduced 10 unicorns in 2022 and 29 after COVID.


image 110 The Top 10 Startup-Friendly Countries in 2024

Israel is sixth in terms of startups with a total of 24, while being only the 29th-largest nominal GDP in the world. After COVID, it added 17 unicorns, and it added 7 unicorns in 2022.


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France, which has the seventh-largest economy in the world, is tied with Israel at sixth place with a total of 24 unicorns. It added 5 unicorns the previous year, and following COVID, an astounding 20 unicorns.


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At the end of 2022, Canada had a total of 23 unicorns, including 8 new additions in 2022. It’s interesting to note that all 23 Canadian unicorns were created after COVID.

South Korea

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In 2022, South Korea added 8 more unicorns to its list, bringing the total up to 18. Since the COVID outbreak, the nation has increased its collection of unicorns by 12.


image 109 The Top 10 Startup-Friendly Countries in 2024

Brazil, with the world’s tenth-largest economy, ranks tenth in terms of the overall number of unicorns. In 2022, it had 17 unicorns, 5 more than in 2021. Brazil now possesses 13 unicorns after COVID-19.


  1. Which is the most startup-friendly country?

    The United States is still the most startup-friendly country in 2024.

  2. Are there emerging startup-friendly countries worth considering?

    Yes, there are several emerging startup-friendly countries worth considering, such as Estonia (known for its e-residency program and digital infrastructure), India (with its growing tech ecosystem), Chile (through programs like Startup Chile), and Rwanda (known for its supportive policies and infrastructure development). These countries offer unique opportunities for startups to innovate and grow.

  3. How can entrepreneurs determine which startup-friendly country is best for their business?

    Entrepreneurs should consider factors such as their industry, target market, funding needs, access to talent, regulatory environment, and business objectives when choosing a startup-friendly country. Conducting thorough research and seeking advice from experts can help entrepreneurs make informed decisions.

  4. Are there regional variations in startup-friendliness within countries?

    Yes, startup-friendliness can vary within countries based on factors such as local regulations, access to resources, availability of talent, industry focus, infrastructure, and support networks. Some cities and regions may offer more favorable conditions for startups than others.

  5. How can entrepreneurs and startups take advantage of startup-friendly countries?

    Entrepreneurs and startups can take advantage of startup-friendly countries by conducting thorough research, networking with local entrepreneurs and investors, leveraging government support programs, and seeking out opportunities for funding and collaboration within the ecosystem.

  6. Why is Estonia considered a startup-friendly country?

    Estonia is known for its digital innovation, e-residency program, favorable tax system, ease of doing business, government support for startups, and tech-savvy workforce, making it an attractive destination for tech startups.

  7. What makes Canada attractive for startups?

    Canada provides access to venture capital, government funding and support programs, a highly educated workforce, multicultural cities like Toronto and Vancouver, and favorable immigration policies for skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

  8. What are the best European countries for startups?

    Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Germany are highly regarded due to their strong innovation, significant funding opportunities, and supportive government policies.

  9. Are there any specific industries where these countries excel in supporting startups?

    Each country may have its strengths, but generally, tech, biotech, fintech, and e-commerce are industries where startup ecosystems thrive across the top 10 startup-friendly countries.


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