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The Top 10 Most Expensive Football Kit Deals in History!

Unveiling the Top 10 Most Expensive Football Kit Deals

In the dynamic world of football, where passion, competition, and global fan following collide, there’s another significant aspect that keeps the sport’s engines running kit deals. Football clubs and sportswear brands engage in sponsorship agreements that not only pump revenue into clubs but also establish a visual identity for teams, shaping their brand recognition on a global scale.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 most expensive football kit deals that have left a lasting mark on the beautiful game.

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RankClubKit Deal ValueSupplierContract Duration
1Real Madrid€120 million/seasonAdidasUntil 2028
2Barcelona€105 million/seasonNike10-year renewal
3Manchester United€87.5 million/seasonAdidasUntil 2035
4Arsenal€85 million/seasonAdidasUntil 2030
5Paris Saint-Germain€80 million/seasonNikeOngoing
6Manchester City€75 million/seasonPUMAOngoing
7Chelsea€70 million/seasonNike15-year contract
8FC Bayern Munich€60 million/seasonAdidasOngoing
9Juventus€50.88 million/seasonAdidasOngoing
10Tottenham Hotspur€35 million/seasonNikeOngoing

Top 10 Most Expensive Football Kit Deals in 2023

Real Madrid – The Pinnacle of Partnership (€120 million per season, Adidas)

For over two decades, Real Madrid has stood side by side with Adidas, and their partnership is set to continue until 2028. The colossal €120 million per season kit deal is not only a financial bonanza but also cements Real Madrid’s iconic status in the footballing world. it is the most expensive one out of the top 10 most expensive football kit deals.

Barcelona – The Nike Connection (€105 million per season, Nike)

Nike‘s affiliation with Barcelona dates back to 1998, a bond that was fortified by a renewed 10-year contract in 2018. Earning €105 million per season from this deal, Barcelona’s vibrant kits continue to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

Manchester United – A Historic Premier League Deal (€87.5 million per season, Adidas)

Manchester United inked the most substantial kit deal in Premier League history, extending their partnership with Adidas until 2035. The impressive €87.5 million per season not only fuels the club’s financial ambitions but also resonates with the Red Devils’ global fanbase.

Arsenal – The Arsenal-Adidas Renaissance (€85 million per season, Adidas)

Arsenal’s partnership with Adidas received a boost with a new agreement valid until 2030. Earning €85 million per season, this collaboration is set to transcend the pitch by investing in product ranges, community engagement, and fan experiences.

Paris Saint-Germain – Rising Star (€80 million per season, Nike)

PSG’s meteoric rise to prominence, propelled by star players like Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, caught Nike’s attention. A lucrative €80 million per season deal serves as a testament to PSG’s global appeal and their pursuit of excellence.

Manchester City – Breaking the Duopoly (€75 million per season, PUMA)

In a world dominated by Adidas and Nike, Manchester City took the unconventional route by partnering with PUMA. The €75 million per season deal reflects City’s remarkable success and PUMA’s design prowess, satisfying both fans and trophy ambitions.

Chelsea – The Premier League Marvel (€70 million per season, Nike)

Chelsea’s switch to Nike in 2017 marked a turning point, netting them the largest commercial deal in Premier League history. The €70 million per season agreement revitalized the Blues’ kits and significantly bolstered their financial standing.

FC Bayern Munich – The German Powerhouse (€60 million, Adidas)

FC Bayern Munich’s connection with Adidas not only boasts an impressive kit deal but also resonates with the rich tradition and legacy of German football. The €60 million partnership is a marriage of excellence and authenticity.

Juventus – The Turin Titans (€50.88 million, Adidas)

Juventus, synonymous with Italian football supremacy, partnered with Adidas to the tune of €50.88 million per season. This alliance showcases the club’s global recognition and their unwavering pursuit of success.

Tottenham Hotspur – The Rising Spurs (€35 million, Nike)

Tottenham’s collaboration with Nike brings forth a kit deal worth €35 million, indicative of their ascending trajectory in European football. This partnership symbolizes the club’s aspiration to join the footballing elite. this football kit deal is the cheapest in the list of the top 10 most expensive football kit deals in 2023.

In the grand tapestry of football, these top 10 most expensive football kit deals not only fuel the financial engines of clubs but also shape their visual identities, transcending borders and languages. From the historic partnerships of Real Madrid and Barcelona to the unconventional success of Manchester City, these agreements are testaments to the global allure of the beautiful game. As these clubs grace the pitch, their kits become not just uniforms, but symbols that unite fans, celebrate victories and etch unforgettable memories in the annals of football history.


  1. Which club has the biggest kit deal in the Premier League?

    Manchester United has the biggest kit deal in the Premier League, with a value of €87.5 million per season through their partnership with Adidas.

  2. Which football club has the most lucrative kit deal?

    Real Madrid holds the record for the most lucrative kit deal, earning €120 million per season from their partnership with Adidas.

  3. Why did Manchester City partner with PUMA instead of Adidas or Nike?

    Manchester City’s partnership with PUMA is a unique choice that sets them apart from the usual Adidas or Nike deals. The €75 million per season deal reflects their success and PUMA’s design innovation.

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