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Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024

Instagram has recently risen to the top of the social media heap in India. India is Instagram‘s second-largest market after the United States, with more than 120 million active users. Instagram has grown in popularity as a tool for sharing images and videos, but it has also become a lucrative business for many influencers.

Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024:

Bhuvan Bam

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Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Bhuvan, a comedian and prominent figure on social media, gained fame through his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, which currently boasts 25 million subscribers. Although his YouTube presence has been scaled back, he continues to enjoy a substantial following of over 14.5 million on Instagram, solidifying his status as an international celebrity. Notably, companies like Amazon Prime, The Man Company, and well-known Indian figures have all expressed interest in Bhuvan.

Kusha Kapila

103202726 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Kusha Kapila, one of India’s most important people, created the viral “South Delhi Chicks” series on iDiva. That channel has 905k subscribers. Kusha has 2.4 million Instagram followers. It chronicles her rise to popularity and is amusing. She partners with Google and Cred and walks the red carpet at film industry events.

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Diipa Büller-Khosla

3 33 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Social media manager Diipa Khosla became a fashion influencer. Her latest venture is the Ayurveda-based beauty label Inde Wild. Harper’s Bazaar featured her 2018 four-day wedding to Dutch diplomat Oleg Büller when she donned nine ensembles. Diipa has 18.3k YouTube and 1.7 million Instagram followers. Diipa co-founded Post for Change, which leverages “Social Media Influencers as a Transformational Engine to Support Change.”

Nikhil Sharma

download 58 1 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Nikhil Sharma, India’s Casey Neistat, is a lifestyle blogger. He’s known as “Mumbaiker Nikhil,” a moto vlogger with nearly 4 million viewers. Being an early influencer marketer in India and a top rider and moto blogger, Nikhil is well known. MTV India and the International Web Video Marketers’ Association (IWMBuzz) honored him as “Vlogger of the Year” in 2019.

Komal Pandey

5 12 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2023

Komal Pandey is a popular figure in the world of fashion blogging because of her unique sense of humor and irreverence. She debuted her “college couture” style on her own YouTube channel in 2017, and she has since become a stylist for Popxo. Komal has collaborated with over a hundred brands, including Olay and Vivo India, and now has 1.7 million Instagram followers and 1.15 million YouTube subscribers.

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Farah Dhukai

6 8 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Farah is a YouTube and Instagram beauty hacker. Her Instagram and YouTube accounts have 6.4 million and 2.3 million followers, respectively. Since 2010, she has cooperated with various brands and established Farsali, her skincare line. Farah is of Indian origin, although her family is from Africa, and she was reared in Toronto, Canada, where she lives with her husband and child.

Dolly Singh

7 5 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2024

Dolly has 1.4 million Instagram followers and contributes to iDiva on YouTube. While in college, she launched a fashion hacks and style blog. Nowadays, Dolly is an influencer who has worked with Priyanka Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana.

Mithila Palkar

8 4 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024

Mithila Palkar became famous online in 2016 with her version of The Cup Song. Around 6 million people watched this on her YouTube channel. She has 3.5 million Instagram followers and 168k YouTube subscribers. She appears in Katti Batti and Netflix’s Little Things.

Masoom Minawala

9 4 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2023

Masoom is a prominent Indian creator. Her 1.2 million Instagram followers love her innovative photographs, vibrant aesthetic, and high-fashion flair. The lifestyle and fashion blogger is from Bombay but now lives in Belgium. Masoom’s YouTube account has 54k subscribers. She posts luxury travel and lifestyle material and fashion styling suggestions on both sites.

Tamanna Roashan

10 4 Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of June 14, 2024
Top 10 Indian Instagram Influencers as of 2023

Tamanna is a beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and education influencer and the creator of @DressYourFace. She is Afghani and Indian and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Her Dress Your Face capsule collection was created with Lashkaraa, Honest Company, and Barbie. Tamanna’s 2.7 million Instagram followers see a variety of high-fashion and luxury lifestyle posts.

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  1. Who is the most popular Indian Instagram influencer?

    Virat Kohli: The Indian cricketer has a significant following on Instagram and shares updates about his personal life, achievements, and endorsements.
    Priyanka Chopra Jonas: A well-known Bollywood actress and global personality, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has a large Instagram following where she shares glimpses of her life, work, and social causes.
    Deepika Padukone: Another prominent Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone, has a substantial Instagram following and often shares insights into her professional and personal life.
    Neha Kakkar: A popular playback singer in the Indian music industry, Neha Kakkar has a significant Instagram presence where she shares her music, personal moments, and collaborations.
    Disha Patani: An actress and model, Disha Patani is known for her Instagram presence, where she shares photoshoots, fitness routines, and glimpses of her daily life.

  2. Who are the most engaging Indian Instagram influencers?

    Praveen Bhat (@praveenbhat): This travel and lifestyle influencer boasts impressive engagement rates with his visually stunning content.
    Malvika Sitlani Aryan (@malvikasitlaniofficial): This fashion and beauty influencer’s relatable style and positive vibes connect with her followers.
    Saransh Goila (@saranshgoila): This food blogger’s mouthwatering recipes and engaging stories have garnered him a dedicated fan base.

  3. What impact do top Indian Instagram influencers have on consumer behavior, trends, and the digital landscape in India?

    Top Indian Instagram influencers have a significant impact on consumer behavior, influencing purchasing decisions, shaping trends, driving engagement on social media platforms, and contributing to the evolving digital landscape in India.

  4. Where can viewers follow these top Indian Instagram influencers?

    Viewers can follow these top Indian Instagram influencers by searching for their respective handles on the Instagram app, where they regularly post updates, stories, and interact with their followers.

  5. How do Indian Instagram influencers maintain authenticity and trust with their audience?

    Indian influencers maintain authenticity and trust by being transparent, genuine, and relatable in their content, disclosing sponsored partnerships, engaging with their audience, and staying true to their personal brand values.

  6. Where can I find more information about these top Indian influencers?

    You can find more information about top Indian influencers by following them on Instagram, reading their blogs or websites, subscribing to their YouTube channels, attending industry events, and staying updated on influencer marketing trends and news.

  7. How does Bhuvan Bam maintain his influence as a social media influencer?

    Bhuvan Bam, a popular YouTuber and comedian, engages his Instagram followers with humorous content, sketches, music, and updates on his YouTube channel and other projects.

  8. Do these influencers engage in philanthropic or social causes on Instagram?

    Many of these influencers use their platform to raise awareness about social causes, charity initiatives, and humanitarian efforts. They often leverage their influence to support various campaigns and organizations addressing important issues.

  9. Do these influencers collaborate with brands and promote products on Instagram?

    Yes, many of these influencers collaborate with brands and promote products on Instagram through sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

  10. Are these influencers active on other social media platforms as well?

    Yes, many of these influencers are active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where they engage with their fans through different types of content.

  11. What factors make someone a “Top 10” Indian Instagram influencer?

    There’s no single answer, but some key factors include:
    Follower count: A large and engaged audience is important, but not the only metric.
    Engagement rate: High interaction (likes, comments, shares) indicates a strong connection with followers.
    Content niche: Influencers with a specific niche (fashion, travel, food, etc.) often attract a more targeted audience.
    Brand collaborations: Working with reputable brands signifies influencer marketing value.
    Industry recognition: Awards or mentions in publications can elevate an influencer’s status.


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