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Bhuvan Bam Replaces Javed Jaffrey as Commentator in 90s Classic Takeshi’s Castle Reboot on Amazon Prime!

The nostalgic memories of the 90s are set to come alive as Takeshi’s Castle, the iconic Japanese game show, returns in a brand-new Indian reboot. However, this time, it’s not Javed Jaffrey providing his signature commentary; instead, the popular actor and YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam, has stepped into the commentator’s shoes. Amazon Prime Video recently made this exciting announcement, and fans are both thrilled and nostalgic about the revival of this beloved show.

The Nostalgia Factor

Takeshi’s Castle holds a special place in the hearts of Indian millennials who grew up watching the hilarious antics and challenging games of the show. The news of its return has been eagerly anticipated since early 2022, with Javed Jaffrey expressing his desire to be a part of it again. He fondly remarked, “I want to be back and do it again. I love that show. It has a big connection with people.” While the anticipation for the show’s return is high, many fans will undoubtedly miss Javed Jaffrey‘s original commentary.

Bhuvan Bam’s Takeover

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Bhuvan Bam, known for his entertaining YouTube channel BB Ki Vines, is set to take over as the commentator for the Indian reboot of Takeshi’s Castle. He expressed his excitement, saying, “Since the original version of Takeshi’s Castle was on television, I have been an ardent fan of the concept, execution, and hilarity of the game show. It’s highly nostalgic for me to have grown up seeing the show and now voicing it, is genuinely a full circle moment.”

Bhuvan Bam is well aware of the show’s popularity, stating, “I don’t think there is anyone in my generation who hasn’t loved and enjoyed this madcap comedy.” He sees his involvement in this iconic game show as a privilege and an honor, bringing a touch of his creative self as ‘Titu Mama’ to add a unique flavor to the commentary.

Takeshi’s Castle What to Expect:

The brand-new season of Takeshi’s Castle promises to retain the eccentricities that made the original so beloved. Viewers can look forward to swashbuckling adventures, fun set-ups, and challenging games, all accompanied by Bhuvan Bam’s hilarious commentary. As contestants navigate terrifying escapades, Bhuvan Bam will offer a uniquely Indian perspective, ensuring that the laughter and fun continue unabated.

The “attacking army” of over 100 contestants will once again attempt to storm the impregnable castle, facing off against guards, devils, and giant foam mushrooms. Only the bravest and luckiest will have the chance to confront Takeshi himself and potentially win 1 million yen.

A Blast from the Past

Manish Menghani, director of content licensing at Prime Video India, acknowledges the show’s iconic status, stating, “Takeshi’s Castle is certainly one of the most iconic shows in India’s television history. Not just in India, but across the globe, Takeshi’s Castle has a huge fan following.” Prime Video aims to curate diverse content while preserving its relevance and resonance with local audiences. Bhuvan Bam’s uproarious and off-beat commentary is expected to have viewers in splits, rekindling nostalgia while offering a fresh and exhilarating experience to younger audiences.

Audience Reactions

Unsurprisingly, the news of Bhuvan Bam taking over as the commentator has sparked mixed reactions from fans. While many are excited to see what ‘Titu Mama’ will bring to the show, others are nostalgic for Javed Jaffrey’s commentary. One fan expressed the sentiment of passing the torch, saying, “Javed Jaffrey’s commentary on Takeshi’s Castle was the soundtrack of our childhood. Now, @Bhuvan_Bam steps into the shoes of our beloved commentator. It’s like passing the torch to a new generation of laughter. Can’t wait to see what Titu Mama has in store🤩.”

However, some fans couldn’t help but express their longing for Javed Jaffrey, with comments like, “Hoping you catch up with Javed Jafari’s iconic commentary on this show.” The bond between the original commentator and the show’s fans remains strong.

Takeshi’s Castle is making a triumphant return to Indian screens, promising a perfect blend of nostalgia and fresh entertainment. While Javed Jaffrey’s absence as the commentator may leave some fans longing for the past, Bhuvan Bam’s unique and relatable commentary style is set to create new memories for the younger generation. As the “attacking army” storms the castle once again, laughter and fun are guaranteed, ensuring that Takeshi’s Castle remains an iconic part of Indian television history. So, gear up for a roller-coaster ride of laughter and entertainment as Bhuvan Bam takes you on a hilarious journey through the revamped Takeshi’s Castle!


  1. When will the Takeshi’s Castle reboot with Bhuvan Bam as the commentator be available for streaming?

    Amazon Prime Video has announced that the show will be available for streaming soon, but an exact release date has not been provided.

  2. Is Javed Jaffrey returning as the commentator for the Takeshi’s Castle reboot?

    No, Javed Jaffrey will not be returning as the commentator for the reboot. Bhuvan Bam has taken over the role of commentator.

  3. Is the Takeshi’s Castle reboot exclusively available on Amazon Prime India?

    Yes, the reboot will stream exclusively for viewers on Amazon Prime Video India.

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