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Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Cricket is undeniably one of the most celebrated sports in the world, with its unique blend of strategy, skill, and athleticism capturing the hearts of millions. The term ‘fast bowler’ itself carries an aura of power and intimidation, with fans often thrilled by the sight of a ball hurtling down to the wicket at breakneck speeds.

In recent years, women’s cricket has seen a monumental rise, and the presence of formidable fast bowlers in the sport has only intensified. This article delves deep into the realm of the 10 fastest female bowlers in cricket history, these women not only brought speed but also took the game of cricket to a new level, inspiring generations and shattering stereotypes along the way.

Here’s The List of The Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in History

1. Cathryn Fitzpatrick (Australia)

fitzpatrick greats Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History
PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA – MARCH 22: (TOUCHLINE IMAGES ARE AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS IN THE UK, USA AND AUSTRALIA ONLY) Cathryn Fitzpatrick of Australia in action during the IWCC World Cup Match between England and Australia at the Technikon Oval on March 22, 2005 in Pretoria, South Africa. (Photo byTouchline Photo/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Cathryn Fitzpatrick

Cathryn Fitzpatrick, a name that resonates with sheer pace and precision. The Australian cricket legend tops the charts with her remarkable bowling speed that often left batters startled. With a reputation for her fiery spells, Fitzpatrick’s fastest delivery clocked in at an astounding 75 mph (120.7 km/h). She remains an icon of inspiration for aspiring fast bowlers due to her powerful run-up and lethal deliveries.

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2. Shabnim Ismail (South Africa)

Shabnim Ismail Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History
Shabnim Ismail

South Africa’s Shabnim Ismail is a force to be reckoned with on the cricket field. Her aggressive approach, combined with a natural burst of speed, has earned her the admiration of fans and fear of opponents. Ismail’s fastest delivery stands at a staggering 74 mph (119 km/h), making her one of the quickest bowlers in the history of women’s cricket.

3. Jhulan Goswami (India)

Jhulan Goswami Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Jhulan Goswami, one of India’s finest cricketers, has been an epitome of resilience and ferocity. Her top speed of 73 mph (117.4 km/h) places her among the elite when it comes to fast bowling. Goswami’s journey highlights her ability to overcome barriers and achieve excellence, serving as a beacon for fast bowlers across the globe.

4. Ellyse Perry (Australia)

Ellyse Perry Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Ellyse Perry, a figure synonymous with versatility, is not just an exceptional all-rounder but also an impressive fast bowler. Her ability to swing the ball at speeds reaching up to 73 mph (117 km/h) adds another string to her impressive cricketing bow. Perry’s command over her pace and direction makes her a potent threat to any batting lineup.

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5. Anya Shrubsole (England)

Anya Shrubsole jpg Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Anya Shrubsole burst onto the international scene with her sharp bowling and has only risen in prominence since. The English fast bowler’s skill is matched only by her competitive spirit, as she can bowl at a piercing speed of 72 mph (115.8 km/h), keeping the pressure consistently on the opposition.

6. Sophie Ecclestone (England)

Sophie Ecclestone Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Sophie Ecclestone, England’s young prodigy, has been a revelation with her moving left-arm spin. Despite the ‘fast’ not being associated with her style of bowling, she has been known to surprise with her speed. Her fastest delivery clocks in at an impressive 71 mph (114.2 km/h), solidifying her presence as a brilliant new-age bowler.

7. Shamilia Connell (West Indies)

Shamilia Connell jpg Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

The West Indies have been gifted with another speed merchant in Shamilia Connell. With an imposing figure and a high-arm action, Connell generates considerable pace, clocking speeds around 70 mph (112.6 km/h). Her ability to consistently bowl at fast speeds makes her an integral part of the Windies’ bowling arsenal. Connell’s fiery spells have time and again proven detrimental to the opposition, stamping her authority as a fast bowler of repute.

8. Megan Schutt (Australia)

Megan Schutt Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Megan Schutt’s deceptive fast-medium bowling has been a major boon for the Australian team. Capable of swinging the ball both ways at a brisk pace, Schutt’s deliveries have touched 70 mph (112.6 km/h) when she’s at the peak of her powers. Her accuracy and knack for picking up wickets have made her a mainstay in the Australian bowling attack.

9. Dane van Niekerk (South Africa)

Dane van Niekerk Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Dane van Niekerk is not just a name but a brand of consistent fast bowling for South Africa. Often considered as one of the premier all-rounders in women’s cricket, her top speed of 70 mph (112.6 km/h) speaks volumes of the pressure she can bring to bear on any batting lineup. van Niekerk has established herself as a key figure for South Africa with her ability to take quick wickets.

10. Holly Huddleston (New Zealand)

Holly Huddleston jpg Top 10 Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History

Though she may be last on this list, Holly Huddleston’s blistering pace is far from the least. With deliveries reaching 69 mph (111 km/h), she’s a strong contender when it comes to raw bowling speed. Huddleston’s talent and potential make her an exciting prospect for not only the New Zealand team but also for cricket enthusiasts worldwide who root for the ascension of the women’s game.

As we unravel the profiles of these remarkable athletes, it’s clear that women’s cricket is entering a golden age. The presence of these fast bowlers in the sport paves the way for future generations, proving that gender is no barrier to the display of raw talent and athletic prowess. With records being shattered and the game evolving, it’s both a thrilling and inspiring time to be a fan of the sport.


  1. Who is the Fastest Female Bowlers in Cricket History?

    Cathryn Fitzpatrick (Australia) is the Fastest Female bowler in Cricket History.

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