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New Tomb Raider RTX Remix Comparison Shows Stunning Improvements In Visuals

Are you a Tomb Raider fan, then here is some good news for you. Now, the game has some improvements in the visuals, making the game look more stunning.

Well, it’s a much-needed update to which players were looking forward. And now, when it has arrived, they are eager to get their hands on it. If you are also one of them, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the visual improvements the game has made. So, let’s dive in.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 26 at 05.37.34 1 New Tomb Raider RTX Remix Comparison Shows Stunning Improvements In Visuals

Tomb Raider: New Visuals Improvements

Recently a video has been shared, showing a new Tomb Raider RTX Remix comparison. It is highlighting the huge visual differences brought to the Tomb Raider by path tracing.

As you may already Tomb Raider is the first entry in this exciting series. And now it has got some visual improvements leaving players stunned by its realistic looks.

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Cycu1 has put together this comparison video, and we must say, that there is excellent job done in it. The video is clearly highlighting how much path tracing has improved this iconic game. And that too with its dated textures.

We can only assume the hard work of developers who have worked tirelessly to bring players this new update. What makes the RTX Remix mod interesting is that it was developed with the enhanced tools provided by the open beta.

Open beta has released recently around just a week ago, and according to the video the game’s visuals has been improved without using that. So, there is further possibility that visuals will improve down the line. Well, that’s “the more the merrier” for players.

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WhatsApp Image 2024 01 26 at 05.37.34 2 New Tomb Raider RTX Remix Comparison Shows Stunning Improvements In Visuals

You should know here that the Tomb Raider RTX Remix mod, also called Open Lara RTX: Reimagined has been developed in duration of 6 months. And it finally got a playable demonstration only this week.

This has provided the players a golden chance to check out the amazing tech by NVIDIA. Also it is set to provide new life to other popular and classic titles. Again, this is good for players, as now they will be getting their old favourite games in new form.

However, what is here important is to note that, the latest entry in the series is of Tomb Raider is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We are assuming that it will come down with expansions and many more new content.

But we must note here that Dominus Aurate has done a brilliant job here by developing the character of Lara as it is today. Her character growth is just fabulous and interesting. It is also one of the reasons why players still love the Tomb Raider game.


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