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This couple to set a new trend by hosting their big fat wedding in the metaverse

This Tamil Nadu couple is planning a never-before-seen virtual wedding in February, with no Zoom calls, Teams, or Google Meet. Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy’s wedding celebration will be held in Metaverse on the first Sunday of February (February 6). The couple will tie the knot in the morning as is customary, but their reception will take place in the evening via digital means.

This will be India’s first metaverse marriage in Polygon blockchain, according to Dinesh, an associate at IIT Madras. Dinesh claimed holding a Metaverse wedding celebration was his idea, and his fiancée, a software developer, agreed.

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The couple will visit a virtual location—Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry—by logging into a link. Ramaswamy and Dinesh are both Potter fans. From all around the world, the couple will meet and welcome their friends and relatives in virtual mode. Dinesh revealed that the once-in-a-lifetime union has teamed up with the TardiVerse Metaverse firm.

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“Don’t worry, we’re establishing our own metaverse called Tardiverse, built on the @0xPolygon blockchain, so don’t worry, we’ll make it happen,” he continued.

Dinesh explained that he has been mining cryptocurrencies for the past year and that because blockchain is the foundation of Metaverse, he wanted to hold a reception there. In addition, the pair thought the wedding idea was suitable in light of the Covid incident.

hogwarts 0 1 This couple to set a new trend by hosting their big fat wedding in the metaverse
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Virtual reality, augmented reality, and video are used in the Metaverse to bring lifelike avatars together in realistic 3D buildings and other virtual reality situations.

Dinesh’s and his fiancée’s avatars will be clothed in traditional Indian garb, and all attendees will be given the option of selecting an avatar. They will be dressed in Indian and Western attire and will engage for an hour during the event. The presents could be presented in the form of GPay, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and so on.

Final Words:

As we can see, Metaverse is entering into our lives with a pace and this couple is just about to set a new hype of both weddings and metaverse and with this we hope this just the beginning and we are about see more such weddings in upcoming years or month, let us know that did you liked this trend of virtual wedding or not.

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