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The vehicle removal from Call of Duty Warzone has now been restored

In Call of Duty: Warzone several players reported that when driving a vehicle into an out of bound sections of the map and in distinct locations, a glitch gets activated that crashes the server which kicked all players from the game and back to the lobby.

Recent, Call of Duty: Warzone update temporarily removed all vehicles from the game so that no one can trigger the glitch mistakenly or deliberately. So, the vehicles were missing from the Warzone map, and players we unable to use any vehicles for some time.

This is not the first time that vehicles caused a problem in the game.

In May, Infinity Ward temporarily disabled helicopters as they were being abused for out of bounds glitches. On numerous occasions, the developers have removed cars and helicopters from the game for miscellaneous issues.

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In yesterday’s playlist update the vehicles were restored to the game after fixing the glitch. The developers of the game twitted that “Along with today’s playlist update, we also added vehicles back into Warzone. Thank you for your patience.”

The recent glitch was the major glitch ever found in the game till now. So, Infinity Ward took some time to enables vehicles within the game again. Now you can update the game and again enjoy the rides in the Call of Duty: Warzone map and get ready for the new upcoming update which will feature a new map called Verdansk and zombie mode.


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