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Top 10 Most Valuable Players of the Indian Super League in 2022

The Indian Super League (ISL) blazoned its appearance on the global football stage in 2014 in a glamorous fashion. The event promised to make India an instigative footballing destination in the world.

While the league featured numerous Indian players from across the country, numerous foreign internationals, who are legends of the game, were also inked by the ISL brigades. These players, who were known as marquee signings, were inked for huge quantities of plutocrats and were veritably popular during the original stages of the event. As the Indian Super League beckons, let’s check out the most precious player of the 2022/23 season.

The top 10 Most Valuable Players of Indian Super League 2022/23

Most Valuable Players of Indian Super League 2022/23

It’s a Kerala Blasters outsider who tops the list of 25. Adrian Luna is the most precious player, valued at ₹7.08 CR(€ 850K). Following the Uruguayan midfielder are three foreign players from ATK Mohun Bagan Dimitri Petratos, Florentin Pogba, and Hugo Boumous. Dimitri Petratos has a request value of ₹6.24 CR. Florentin Pogba and Hugo Boumous are valued at ₹4.99 CR. The top five players are rounded up by Mumbai City FC’s Jorge Pereyra Díaz, who’s valued at ₹4.16 CR.

The top 10 Most Valuable Players of Indian Super League 2022/23

Northeast United had signed Romain Philippoteaux – midfielder valued at ₹4.16 CR. He’s the sixth valuable player in ISL. Alan Costa for Bengaluru FC, Tiri for ATK Mohun Bagan and Álvaro Vázquez of FC Goa are in the top 10 list of valuable players this season.

The top 10 Most Valuable Players of Indian Super League 2022/23

In the eight-time history of the Indian Super League, we’ve witnessed numerous players who have remained close to our hearts. Some are still missed by their clubs ’ suckers. The list maybe doesn’t have an end. The clubs of the game are witnessing colourful transfers and progress in the game. ISL is an occasion for all the players in the country to showcase their gifts. It’s a platform for youthful gift to be ace in a football game.

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