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The steps India needs to take to establish a reliable 5G network

Recently, the Department of Telecom has approved Telecom Service Provider’s application to conduct trials on using and applying 5G technology. On-field trials have already begun, as per reports.

As 5G technology has been in over 50 nations such as the US or France and many more, we have lots to learn from there and study the mistakes and the implementations made. We should learn about the do’s and dont’s so that we have a smooth process while introducing the technology in front of the whole nation.

For example, there is a gap in the quality of experience delivered by TSP’s in France. The incumbent operator provides an average speed of 146 Mbps. In comparison, the relatively new operators can only provide a speed of 28 Mbps which in reality expected from a 4G connection.


The most possible explanation for such humongous difference in quality of service provided is difference in deployment and distribution strategies. This difference will effect the users.

To ensure that India does not face such issues, we have to do the following:

1) 5G Capitals must be invested in an accurately planned and precise manner:

5G networks need to create plans not only to ensure high speeds but also to make sure that proper standard of experience is delivered to the customers. With implementation online mode in most of the daily activities due to COVID-19, there has been a surge in count of critical use cases requiring ultra low latency. Which means that the implementation of this latest technology will be very expensive..

That’s why accurate and efficient planning is necessary to make best use of resources.

2) Increase collaboration among entities to ensure digital equality:

An important factor in success of 5G network is it’s omnipresence. Suppose there’s 5G network implemented only in metropolitan cities in your country and you have to appear for an online meeting from a village. Now at this moment while the person in the city is experiencing 5G network, you on the other hand will be receiving 4G network at best resulting in improper connection during the video conference. Therefore omnipresence of 5G network is necessary.

Regulators would need to ensure government policies so that government approval does not prove to be an obstacle in the process. When all the entities collaborate, digital equality will be ensured.

3) Conduct focused test runs:

The real measure of success of this endeavour depends on the right choice of architecture and distribution strategies. Testing user experience should be done to analyze the performance of commercial traffic pressure and work on bugs that emerge.

And these are the steps necessary to ensure that the 5G technology implemented in the nation is bug-free and accessible to all. Share your thoughts on the following in the comment box below.

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