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Tarbull is coming with two new audio products very soon

Tarbull is one of those audio companies trying to bring some changes to the present boring earphone market. Tarbull brings the world’s first Bluetooth neckband with preloaded tracks. There are basically two neckbands – Tarbull Musicmate 550 and Tarbull Musicmate 410. The Musicmate 550 contains 1001 preloaded tracks from Sony Music, and the Musicmate 410 has 501 tranks. That’s the only difference between the two except pricing.

There are two more wireless neckbands under the Tarbull branding. Those are Vibe 340 and Vibe 390.

There are only wireless neckbands, till now, from Tarbull, and it seems it is ready to expand the portfolio more into the other audio products equally. Why I’m saying this is Amazon India put the new product banners on its wall. As per those, there are two new products in Tarbull’s bag. One is a neckband named Tarbull Airbuds 430, and the other one is a soundbar.

  • image 6 Tarbull is coming with two new audio products very soon
  • image 7 Tarbull is coming with two new audio products very soon

At present, only the look of the soundbar comes out along with the look and name of the TWS, that is, Airbuds 430. But the soundbar also probably have preloaded tracks. In the bottom right of the banner, there is written: “Powered by Sony Music”. For the Airbuds 430, users will get touch control and two colour options to choose from – White and Black. Let’s see what we finally get in the coming days.

As I said earlier, the first look of both the products is revealed. There is no name mentioned for the soundbar and no specification, pricing, and launch details for any of the products. I will update once I receive any.

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