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Take Your Pills: Xanax: The New Film Depicts the Advantages and Disadvantages of Anxiety Medication

Netflix has dropped a new trailer ‘Take Your Pills: Xanax’. The story of the film is mainly a continuation of the 2018 documentary film of the same name. It explores the positives and negatives of taking psychostimulant medications, such as Adderall. Meanwhile, the upcoming film will be based on another medication like Xanax. 

In this film, we are going to see a cure for some and a curse for others, widely prescribed anti-anxiety medication is examined by patients and experts in this revealing documentary. Emmy winner Blair Foster has directed this thought-provoking chapter in the “Take Your Pills” series. 


The trailer starts with a brief description of what anxiety do to our bodies. They say Anxiety is like an alarm saying something is wrong with our brains and bodies, we’re not ever taking a break, we’re basically working all the time. Followed by a person telling their own symptoms of how they feel hot and pressured, at first. 


Soon after they share the experience of taking the pill and add – The first time I took Xanax, I said, “Oh, I understand why people get addicted to this.” While another person claims that after taking it, they could think clearly which made them feel like a better version of themselves. 

The film really provides another perspective from a medical practitioner that says, since the pills are so easily available, and living in this age of overprescribing and oversupply, you’re more likely to try it and more likely to get addicted to it. Soon the Xanax crisis unfolds, as the younger generation is being prescribed the drug more and more, for a long time period. 

tt3 Take Your Pills: Xanax: The New Film Depicts the Advantages and Disadvantages of Anxiety Medication

Those patients who are dependent upon the medication, just can’t function without them. Instead of learning how to cope with anxiety, we are just getting an instant solution that helps for a while but is not the answer in the longer run. 

Take Your Pills Xanax: Release Date 

The documentary film is set to release on 30th November on Netflix. 

Here is the trailer: 

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