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Taiwan, Japan eye ‘all-round cooperation’ on chips, Keep yourself stuck till the end for this big news

Taiwanese lawmakers told the two governments on Friday that “all-around cooperation” on semiconductors should be developed, and that frequent conversations would be undertaken.

Taiwan and Japan, while having little diplomatic contacts with Chinese-claimed China, have in-house unofficial collaborations and share many of the same concerns about China, particularly its rising military activity near the two.

The online sessions, which included two prominent legislators from Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), came after initial contacts in late August.


Chips, according to DPP lawyer Chiu Chih-wei, are not only a concern for Japanese businesses, which, like the rest of the globe, have experienced semiconductor shortages, but also a security risk in China.

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“Both parties agreed that in the future, there will be even greater cooperation on chip supply chains, a comprehensive framework, a system, to have all-around cooperation on semiconductors and other industries that are important to both countries,” he said.

Officials from Japan claim that they and Taiwan have agreed “that both they and the United States must work on resilient supply chains in areas such as semiconductors.”

“Right now, we need to do our best to reduce the need for semiconductors,” Akimasa Ishikawa, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker, told reporters. “But realms of cooperation should progress as we progress.” “How the three countries come together in response to China’s high-tech investments will be one of the primary difficulties,” says the report.

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Last month, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd announced that it will partner with Sony Group, a major Apple supplier, to build a $7 billion chip plant in Japan. Sony Group produces some of the world’s most advanced semiconductors.

The two parties committed to a frequent conversation moving ahead, according to Lo Chih-cheng, the chairman of the DPP’s foreign agency and a prominent DPP lawmaker.

According to Lo, the Japanese side restated its support for Taiwan’s membership in the 11-member Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or CPTPP, which China is also pursuing.

Military problems, on the other hand, were not touched during these meetings, according to Lo.

GettyImages 929355266 Taiwan, Japan eye 'all-round cooperation' on chips, Keep yourself stuck till the end for this big news

Heating conflict between Taiwan and China:

In the wake of rising tensions between Taiwan and China, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported on Thursday that Japanese and US armed forces are working on a plan for a joint flight in case of an emergency, citing anonymous Japanese government sources.

In October, Japan’s government expressed a more robust stance on China’s aggressive approach to Taiwan, indicating that it would consider options and prepare for “no different eventualities.”

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