Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Best Aorus built Custom Ryzen Gaming PC with RTX 2080

Need a premium gaming PC? Are you looking for a high-end Ryzen PC? Here we bring the best AORUS built Ryzen Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ryzen has these days changed the way...

Best high-end desktop processors in India 2018

Need a high-end Desktop processor for your rig? Are you confused between Ryzen & Intel? Here we bring the Best high-end CPUs in India 2018 These days processors have changed the way we...

The new B450 Motherboards for your Ryzen 2.0 are here

After the advent of 2nd gen Ryzen processors, the much awaited B450 motherboards are now everywhere... Have you checked out yet? This year AMD has stunned us all with the 2nd gen Ryzen...

What is AMD StoreMI Technology?

AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors have a unique StoreMI Technology that lets You combine the speed of SSD into Your Hard Disk... Want to know more? Read the full post...  Are you just fed...

Best Ryzen 2600 Gaming PC Built 2018

Thinking to make a Great Gaming PC with 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors? We bring You the Best Ryzen 2600 Gaming PC Built 2018... The 2nd gen Ryzen series has been launched last month....

Asus Brings the Latest X470 Motherboards For Ryzen 2.0

Planning for an AMD Gaming PC? Interested to make a 2nd Gen Ryzen Powered PC? Asus Brings the Latest X470 Motherboards For You AMD has already announced the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors last month....

AMD Ryzen 2.0 Processors Officially Announced

 Finally, AMD Reveals their Ryzen 2.0 Processors based on 12nm Zen+ Architecture with X470 Chipset At the beginning of this year, we heard many speculations about the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors. Also, the new...
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