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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Leaked Footage Is Out

Rocksteady is launching a new game soon, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and now we are having its leaked footage. The game is in the last stage of the alpha test and it seems like some people have leaked the game footage.

As you may already know for a long time Rocksteady has been working on its game, so it’s just about time that the game will be launched. And before we can get any official news from the company we have leaked footage of the game already. 

Let’s dive in to know more about the leaked footage, and what it features. 

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Leaked Footage Is Out

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Almost everyone must have heard about the DC Universe Justice League series. So how about a game in the series with some similar characters but completely different challenges and missions? 

Well, that’s the core concept behind the game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. In the game you will have DC Universe characters but in a new environment with adventurous challenges and gameplay. 

It has been a long time since the company has been working on the game. Recently we have heard that it even went underway with an alpha test and we can expect its launch date soon or any other update from the company. 

In the middle of this, now we have leaked footage of the game that spans over 30 minutes. Well, it’s a long duration and enough to give spoiler alerts and indicate the concept and some characters of the game. 

In the video, we can see some of the game characters including Green Lantern, Batman, and the Flash. They are on a mission and we can see a link to the game’s opening cutscene. 

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Also, there is a viral clip on TikTok, where we can see another scene of the game. In the viral clip, we can see the late Kevin Conroy giving an emotional speech when Batman explains why he joined the Justice League. So we can guess that the game will be action-packed and also have emotional scenes. 

However, till now we don’t have any official update or announcement from the company, except for this leaked footage and clips. As you already know  Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a live – service game. 

So, like other live games after launch, it will get post-launch content, updates, new missions, and new gear for them. In the game, you will get control over the Justice League villains including Deadshot, Harley Quinn King, Shark, and Boomerang. 

The game will be launched in the year 2024. So players all across the world are very excited about the game and looking forward to hearing any updates about it. 


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