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Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Come on Disney+ This May the 4th, Disclosure the Dark Side’s Stories

Get ready to celebrate Star Wars Day in grand style this year! With the conclusion of Star Wars: The Bad Batch just around the corner, Lucasfilm has unveiled a thrilling new addition to the franchise lineup arriving even sooner than the highly expect Star Wars: The Acolyte in June.

scale jpg Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Come on Disney+ This May the 4th, Disclosure the Dark Side's Stories

A Replacement Arises: Tales of the Empire

Following the critical acclaim of 2022’s Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, which investigated the excursions of notorious Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku, Lucasfilm is back with a charming continuation of series – Tales of the Empire.

maxresdefault Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Come on Disney+ This May the 4th, Disclosure the Dark Side's Stories

This invigorating new animated compilation series, debuting solely on Disney+ on May the fourth (Star Wars Day!), promises to shift the narrative lens, diving profound into the enthralling universe of the Galactic Empire and the people who have embraced its dark power.

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Darkness Unveiled: Nightsisters and Fallen Jedi

The series will supposedly take watchers on two separating ways, each following a captivating character. The main story presents us to Nightsister Morgan Elsbeth, voiced by martial arts expert Diana Lee Inosanto. Nightsisters, a group of Power using Dathomirian witches, are known for their dark magic and wild unwaveringness.

images 1 jpeg Star Wars: Tales of the Empire Come on Disney+ This May the 4th, Disclosure the Dark Side's Stories

The second way investigates the descent of Barriss Offee, a previous Jedi Knight voiced by the returning Meredith Salenger. Fans will review Barriss from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where she unfortunately tumbled to the dark side.

Investigating A strange Area                            

As per Lucasfilm, Tales of the Empire delves into “previously untold events” in the lives of its central characters. This commitments a new point of view on the inspirations and battles of the individuals who have picked the dark side.

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Recognizable Faces Rise up out of the Shadows

While the spotlight gleams on new characters, Star veterans will be excited to see the arrival of some fan-most loved dark side figures.

The series is confirmed to highlight appearances by the cunning Grand Admiral Thrawn (voiced by Lars Mikkelsen), the ruthless Inquisitor known as the Fourth Sister (voiced by Rya Kihlstedt), the mechanized terror General Grievous (voiced by Matthew Wood), also, obviously, the exemplification of the dark side himself, Darth Vader (voice actor yet to be declared).

A Star Wars Festivity to Recollect

May the fourth isn’t just about the debut of Stories of Tales of the Empire. Lucasfilm has arranged an entire day festivities for Star Wars fans:

Embrace the Dark Side This May the 4th

Write in your schedules, Star Wars fans! May the fourth is turning out to be a day loaded up with exciting content, both new and classic. Whether you’re a die-hard Sith sympathizer or simply curious about the dark side’s machinations,

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire promises to be a thrilling addition to the ever-expanding Star Wars galaxy. Thus, get ready to investigate into the shadows and investigate the untold stories of the Empire this May the fourth on Disney+.

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