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Servotech Power Systems Joins Bengal Pro T20 League as Franchise Team Owner

Bengal Pro T20 League

Servotech Power Systems, a leading name in the EV charging and solar energy industry announced its entry into the world of cricket with the acquisition of one of the cricket teams that is set to play in Bengal Pro T20 League to be organize by Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB).  As a significant move, the company is one of the franchise team owners in the highly anticipated Bengal Pro T20 League which is set to kick off immediately after the IPL in early June 2024. 

This strategic move marks a prominent milestone for Servotech Power Systems, symbolizing a bold step towards diversification and expansion. By entering the dynamic realm of professional sports through the acquisition of the cricket team, Servotech aligns seamlessly with its vision of growth, innovation, and fostering strong relationships for the betterment of Bengal cricket. By entering the sports sector, Servotech aims to capitalize on cricket’s immense popularity and global appeal to strengthen its brand presence and connect with a wider audience base.

This strategic alignment presents an exciting opportunity for Servotech to extend its reach beyond its industry boundaries and tap into new avenues of growth and engagement. Through this venture, Servotech seeks to establish itself as not just a leader in the EV charging and solar energy sectors, but also as a prominent player in the realm of sports.

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Servotech Power Systems Joins Bengal Pro T20 League as Franchise Team Owner

On this development, Rishabh Bhatia, Spokesperson, Servotech Power Systems said, Cricket, a sport deeply ingrained in the hearts of Indians, has always been a symbol of unity, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds into a tapestry of growth and togetherness. This sentiment resonates uniquely within Bengal’s rich cultural fabric. Servotech Power Systems views its entry into the world of cricket through the Bengal Pro T20 League as an opportunity to nurture indigenous talent while also aligning with its ethos of developing a healthy sporting culture and energizing young talent.

The company is excited to see the potential it holds and foster a sense of achievement among the youth of Bengal. This marks a momentous occasion for us and we are eager to bring our values of teamwork, dedication, and pushing boundaries onto the cricket field, injecting fresh energy into the sport. This is the start of an exciting new chapter, and we’re ready to bat alongside you all, he added.

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