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Samsung vs TSMC: What’s Going On in 2024?

In 2024, the semiconductor fight between Samsung and TSMC is boiling, as both firms have perfected their production processes, awaiting their major leaps.


Samsung’s Exynos Chipsets

In the second half of the same year, the South-Korean tech giant is preparing to extend the use of its in-house silicon, as a new Exynos chipset is ramping up overwhelming manufacturing based on the same technology. It is an element of Samsung’s bet on its Gate-All-Around technology, which could seriously undermine the company’s rival, TSMC.

As per reports, Samsung is set to release two variants, one of which is the Exynos 2500. Galaxy S25 is expected to launch in early 2025, representing the new Samsung product that may feature Samsung’s second-generation 3nm GAA technology.

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In the sense of a dual-chipset technique, it may use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, like the Galaxy S24. The Exynos 2500 may offer better energy efficiency than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, with state-of-the-art packaging techniques such as Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging that improve heat resistance and performance. Samsung generally introduces its top-end chipsets in the fourth quarter, with the Exynos 2400 expected to be introduced in October 2023.

TSMC’s Strategic Moves

TSMC is still the most powerful semiconductor manufacturer, led by Apple’s massive growth. Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO, recently visited Taiwan to buy TSMC’s 2nm wafers at the start of production, and the iPhone maker previously collaborated with Apple on the A17 Pro chip for the iPhone 15 Pro line using TSMC’s 3nm start of 2024. The most recent M4 processor used by iPad Pro models is also based on TSMC’s second-gen 3nm process.

image 9 58 jpg Samsung vs TSMC: What's Going On in 2024?

According to reports, Apple may become TSMC’s single biggest consumer of 2nm technology and deploy it for the iPhone 17 lineup. However, the first 2nm silicon is rumored not to be available until the end of 2026, according to some sources. TSMC would profit significantly if they could secure the 2nm wafers, despite the fact that they are more expensive to make than 3nm tech.

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In 2024, a fierce rivalry between Samsung and TSMC will be at the center of the semiconductor business. Samsung will attempt to elevate its Exynos to the forefront of the sector, while TSMC clings to its lead thanks to crucial collaborations and top-of-the-line tech.


  1. What advancements is Samsung making with its Exynos chipsets?

    Samsung is introducing the Exynos 2500 with its second-generation 3nm GAA process, expected to be more energy-efficient and include advanced packaging like FOWLP.

  2. How is TSMC maintaining its lead in the semiconductor industry?

    TSMC, through its partnership with Apple, aims to secure the first batch of 2nm wafers, continuing its leadership with advanced 3nm processes used in Apple’s latest chips.


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