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Samsung SDI Spearheads All-Solid-State Battery Revolution with Dedicated Commercialization Team

Samsung Electronics houses a dedicated battery development and manufacturing unit known as Samsung SDI, responsible for producing batteries utilized in a wide array of Samsung devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Notably, Samsung SDI’s batteries have also found application in electric vehicles from prominent automakers like BMW and Fiat, with plans for integration into upcoming models from Hyundai and Genesis. The company is now set to revolutionize battery technology with the introduction of solid-state batteries.


More About Samsung SDI and ASB

Scheduled for a prospective launch by 2027, Samsung SDI’s solid-state batteries represent a significant leap forward in battery innovation. Recent reports from KED Global reveal that a specialized team, led by Go Joo-young, Vice President of the company’s large-scale battery business division, has been established to expedite the commercialization of the All-Solid-State Battery (ASB) technology. To hasten the launch process, Samsung SDI is actively engaging in collaborative efforts with partners and clients.

image 205 Samsung SDI Spearheads All-Solid-State Battery Revolution with Dedicated Commercialization Team

Solid-state batteries, a departure from conventional designs using liquid electrolytes, employ solid materials between the anode and cathode. This structural shift not only mitigates the risk of fire but also enhances battery endurance and energy density. Earlier this year, Samsung SDI initiated a test production line for ASB at its Suwon research center in South Korea, marking a crucial step in bringing this groundbreaking technology to fruition.

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The company envisions launching all-solid-state batteries with an energy density surpassing 900 Wh/L, achieved through the application of sulfide-based technology. The initial rollout is expected to cater to electric vehicles, with subsequent expansion into energy storage systems and a range of consumer electronics, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

image 206 Samsung SDI Spearheads All-Solid-State Battery Revolution with Dedicated Commercialization Team

Samsung SDI’s foray into solid-state batteries aligns with a broader commitment to advancing technological frontiers. As a conglomerate, Samsung concurrently explores futuristic display technologies through its specialized division, Samsung Display, underscoring its dedication to innovation across various domains. The convergence of groundbreaking battery technology and futuristic displays showcases Samsung’s holistic approach to shaping the future of consumer electronics and sustainable energy solutions.


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