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Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Secures Bluetooth SIG Certification, Signals Imminent Launch

After a patient wait of more than three years, Samsung is gearing up for the unveiling of its latest budget-friendly smart band, the Galaxy Fit 3. The anticipation has been building, fueled by recent leaks and public certification listings over the past few months, strongly indicating that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is imminent. Notably, the Galaxy Fit 3 is not the only device making waves, as the Galaxy Smartwatch and the rugged smartphone Galaxy XCover 7 have also secured a spot on the Bluetooth SIG list.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

The Bluetooth SIG listing reveals that both the new smartphone and Galaxy Smartwatch have Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities giving us a glimpse of their connectivity features. Unfortunately, we don’t have specifications, for these devices at this time.

image 224 Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Secures Bluetooth SIG Certification, Signals Imminent Launch

Regarding the Galaxy Fit 3 excitement is building based on leaks and timeline disclosures. The smart band is expected to be launched in the half of 2024 preceding the release of the Galaxy Watch 7 lineup. However, unlike its more high-profile counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 won’t have a launch event.

Initial information about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3s specifications indicates that it will come with an OLED display compared to its predecessor. In terms of functionality, this smart band is set to offer features like sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, GPS capabilities, and a suite of sensors including accelerometers and gyro sensors.

image 225 Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Secures Bluetooth SIG Certification, Signals Imminent Launch

To add a touch it’s anticipated that the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 will be available, in three colors; Grey, Gold, and Black. This range of color options not only caters to preferences but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of this fitness band. As the release date approaches Samsung fans can anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy Fit 3 a fitness companion that boasts a screen and a range of health tracking capabilities.


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