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Redmi K80 Series Shifts Focus to Flagship Models; Possible Transfer of Redmi K80e to Note Series

The Redmi K70 series recently made its debut in China creating excitement among enthusiasts. However, talks have already started about its successor, the Redmi K80. Rumors suggest that Xiaomi is working diligently on the development of the Redmi K80 smartphone with an approach. It seems Xiaomi is considering focusing on flagship models for the Redmi K80 series and might skip mid-range options.

Redmi K80 Series

The All New Redmi K80 Series

Information from tipster Smart Pikachu on Weibo sheds light on the progress of the Redmi K80 project showing advancements. While no specific launch date was mentioned by the tipster Xiaomi’s history hints at release cycles. It was also noted that Xiaomi plans to change things up with the Redmi K80 series by concentrating on flagship models and possibly excluding the Redmi K80e version.

image 22 1 jpg Redmi K80 Series Shifts Focus to Flagship Models; Possible Transfer of Redmi K80e to Note Series

For context, the Redmi K70e serves as an alternative within the flagship lineup along with the Redmi K70 and Redmi K70 Pro models. There are talks that Xiaomi might move this model to the Note series suggesting an addition to the Redmi Note 14 series.

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There is anticipation surrounding the expected features of next-generation Snapdragon processors, in both the rumored Redmi K80 and Redmi K80 Pro models. Chances are these gadgets will likely run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset which is set to be unveiled later in the year. While specific details about the Redmi K80 series are not yet revealed, more information is anticipated as we get closer to the launch date in the months.

image 21 56 jpg Redmi K80 Series Shifts Focus to Flagship Models; Possible Transfer of Redmi K80e to Note Series

Turning attention to the Redmi K70 series, these smartphones boast impressive features including up to 2K OLED displays, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, up to 1TB of storage, Android 14, and support for rapid 120W charging. While all three models share similar specifications, subtle variations exist in areas such as chipset capabilities, camera configurations, and battery performance.


  1. What’s special about the Redmi K80 series?

    The Redmi K80 series is rumored to prioritize flagship models over mid-range ones, reflecting evolving market preferences.

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  2. What might happen to the Redmi K80e model?

    With the focus on flagships, there’s speculation that the Redmi K80e could shift to the Note series, potentially expanding Xiaomi’s product lineup.


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