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Realme allegedly copies Huawei with its 1+4+N product strategy

Realme made its way just two years back and it has grown at a speed which hardly anyone could ever think of, from launching a huge number of smartphones in the entry-level and budget end, Realme entered mid-range and finally in 2019 started making flagships or flagship-killer smartphones as well.

It also has expanded its footprint into IoT products, much like other Chinese smartphone brands, making audio products, wearables, Smart TVs and much more. It plans to expand more in the coming years and made a 1+4+N product strategy to support it which is truly a copy of Huawei’s original 1+8+N strategy presented in 2019.

The Chinese company recently announced its 1+4+N product plan, where 1 describes to mobile phones, 4 describes various IoT products and forthcoming IoT and lifestyle products with the N standing for brand new. While, in the original Huawei’s 2019 1+8+N plan, the 1 also stood for mobile phones, although the 8 and the N corresponded to the IoT apparatus and smart homes and much more. 

Put simply, the new Realme product strategy seems strongly inspired if not a direct ripoff. A company could easily have chosen another brand or another name, but the movement was pretty obvious. Interestingly, a Xiaomi representative took to Twitter to call Realme’s actions, calling them a copy cat and also sharing the item plan wheel that both firms shared, although with a 1-year-old gap.

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The pace at which Realme is progressing, it’s obvious for them to make a product strategy for the coming years but they could have gone for an original one, instead of copying. This is a matter of ethics which is missing these days as Realme has become blind to defeat its sole competitor Xiaomi in every possible way.

This type of incident is uncommon in the business and direct inspirations have been seen in the past as well. However, will this make an impact among its fans? Well, time will surely tell that.

Source: Android Authority

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