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QLED vs OLED: Which is better and you should actually buy in 2023?

QLED (quantum dot LED) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) are the type of display technologies used in televisions. The way the two create light is the primary distinction between them. What they are, how they differ, and which one should you get in 2023 are explained here.


These TVs make use of a layer of small semiconductor crystals known as quantum dots that, when activated by a backlight, emit light. Since OLED TVs feature perfect blacks and infinite contrast, QLED TVs do not, but they can still achieve extremely high brightness and color accuracy levels. In comparison to OLED TVs, these TVs are often more robust and have a longer lifespan.


On the other hand, when an electric current is supplied to an organic layer used in OLED TVs, it emits light. This translates to perfect blacks and endless contrast since each individual pixel in an OLED display can switch on and off independently. In comparison to other TV kinds, OLED TVs also frequently feature a wider viewing angle and are more energy-efficient.

What is the difference?

5 11 QLED vs OLED: Which is better and you should actually buy in 2023?

OLED TVs are typically regarded as the better option in terms of image quality because of their flawless blacks and limitless contrast. The color accuracy and brightness of QLED TVs can still be quite high, and they are frequently more cheap than OLED TVs. Additionally, QLED TVs offer an advantage over OLED TVs thanks to the local dimming capability. The screen is divided into smaller sections by this feature, each with an independent LED backlight. This enables deeper blacks and better control over the image.

Which technology is more durable and will endure longer?

In general, QLED TVs are regarded as more dependable than OLED TVs in terms of sturdiness and lifespan. When the same image is shown on the screen for an extended period of time, OLED TVs are prone to burn-in and image retention. On the other side, similar problems do not exist with QLED TVs.

Which one should be bought in 2023?

Your personal tastes and financial constraints will ultimately determine which type of television you purchase, an OLED or a QLED. An OLED TV might be the better choice if you desire the highest picture quality and are willing to pay more. However, a QLED TV can be the best option if you want a high-quality screen that is more reasonably priced and dependable.


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