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Apple will launch the OLED MacBook soon, in 2024! (February 22)

By the end of 2024, or before the end of 2024 at the earliest, Apple will also introduce the OLED MacBook. In the coming years, it is anticipated that OLED notebook computer sales will continue to expand quickly, driven by Apple.

Compared to the mini-LED technology that the company now employs in its MacBook Pro 14 and 16 models, OLED will have a few advantages. Devices with more varied form factors and thinner profiles will be possible. In addition, OLED enables foldable electronics. At the latest by the end of 2024, Apple intends to introduce the first MacBook having an OLED display. Today, Kuo said in a number of tweets that OLED technology would enable more streamlined and lightweight MacBook designs.

while ipad pro with an oled screen may be launched by 2024 the macbook pro with an oled screen may hit the market in 2026 jpg Apple will launch the OLED MacBook soon, in 2024! (February 22)

The most recent 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, models hold mini-LED illumination with ProMotion, while all current MacBooks have LCD displays. OLED displays, as opposed to LCDs with mini-LEDs, have self-emitting pixels and don’t need lighting, resulting in an even greater longer battery life and contrast ratio for MacBooks.

Ross Young, a display industry analyst, however, claimed last month that the company would release a new 13-inch MacBook Air with an OLED display in 2024. Over the next few years, it seems like Macs and iPads will go to OLED panels, but the Apple Watch may begin to do otherwise. By the end of 2024, there may be a new Watch Ultra with a microLED display.

2 29 Apple will launch the OLED MacBook soon, in 2024! (February 22)
via MacRumors

It is important to note that the allusion to folding designs refers to the industry trend toward OLED laptops rather than Apple in particular. After 2024, Apple is anticipated to switch over more MacBooks to OLED and to contribute to the trend.

via MacRumors


  1. Will Apple launch OLED MacBook?

    Apple is still working on MacBook Pro with OLED screens, says a new report. But it will be a while — probably 2026 — before users can buy them.

  2. How reliable are rumors about upcoming Apple products like the OLED MacBook?

    While rumors and leaks provide insight into Apple’s potential product plans, they should be taken with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by Apple.


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