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Prehistoric Planet: Apple TV+ reveals many Unknown Countless Prehistoric Species of Dinosaurs

If you love prehistoric worlds, means dinosaur world, then we have good news for you, while we heard about any prehistoric film the first film that comes to our mind is Jurassic Park, but this time there has no such Jurassic  Park film this time  Apple TV+ has come with new series ‘Prehistoric Planet’ that contains many new episodes daily within 23rd May to 27th may that also witnessing the wonder of the prehistoric world. Now there is such soothing  British accent of Sir David Attenborough that can guide you along with the fantastic world of dinosaurs that also et such goosebumps also introducing a found soundtrack by fans Zimmer.

Now they travel back 66 million years along the water, directs, deserts, and many more on these new documentaries along with the executive producers by Jon Favreau, Mike  Gunton, and BBC Studios Natural History Unit. There is also a newly dropped trailer reveals such secrets across the long decimated that pre-historic creatures and also has been shown off the top-tier effects that will get them back to life and also come into the living room.

Prehistoric Planet Gives Real Jurassic World the Planet Earth Treatment

Prehistoric Planet: Plot      

The trailer also displays a world from where the scaled creature starts to rule. The discoveries abound like the viewers have been introduced to the two new species of Tyrannosaur that also have never been provided the screen time that they deserve properly. Eastern China’s Qianzhousaurus Rex also will reveal to the viewers how it got the nickname “Pinocchio Rex”  just like a  tiny tyrannosaur popular as the Nanuqsauaraus that also will flaunt such features that have made the perfect surviving and also such thriving in the cold  Alaskan terrains. 

The Tyrannosaurs Rex also will captivate the audience by showing off the skills of swimming. It’s absolutely correct that despite those stubby arms, the  Kings and Queens of the dinosaur world could hold with their own into the water and propel themselves with theory gargantuan feet.

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Dinosaurs Look Real in Trailer for 'Prehistoric Planet' on Apple TV Plus -  CNET

The dinosaur that could have been sported into the trailer, showing off their might and ferociousness, also were Pterodactyls, Triceratops, and Velocirfraptors, the latter of which are also displayed in their full glory as feathered beats along with such sharp claws, albeit the size along with an adult turkey. It does not matter, as we will still not want one of them chasing us down as there are also features that we have never seen before also stomping and also stalking across in their natural habitats.

Prehistoric Planet Trailer: Affectionate Dinosaurs In A Five-Night Event

Appropriate for kids and adults alike, Prehistoric Planet promises to expose to reveals the extinct beasts as they have never been seen before. The Fans of Planet Earth also will feel right at home along with the voice of Attenbourgh guiding them through a  time when dinosaurs roamed the planet and judging by the names that also backing the production, we can sadly assume that we are in for both has such informative and visually stunning documentary.

Now the experience of the magic and majesty of Prehistoric  Planet in the trailer and also the poster below.

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Here is the trailer:

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