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Potential for Ad-Supported Apple TV+ Emerges with Recent Strategic Hires

Recent articles from Business Insider shed light on Apple’s increased efforts to possibly roll out an ad-supported option for its Apple TV+ streaming platform. To achieve this goal the tech giant has strategically brought in Joseph Cady, an advertising executive who has spent over 14 years at NBCUniversal.

Cady’s expertise in data-driven advertising and his track record of forming partnerships with major players like Amazon, Google, and TikTok make him a valuable asset to Apple’s team.

Apple TV+

All About the Ad-Supported Apple TV+

Working closely with Winston Crawford, the head of Apple’s ad sales division Cady is part of a group responsible for managing the Apple TV+ platform. Notably, Cady has already been involved in pitching ad sales for Major League Soccer alongside Todd Teresi, who heads the Apple ads division.

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Apart from recruiting Cady Apple has also broadened its advertising talent pool by bringing on board skilled professionals. Chandler Taylor, formerly a successful video ads account manager at Peacock; Jacqueline Bleazey from the FanDuels ad sales team; and Jason Brum, drawing on his experience from top companies like DirecTV and NBCUniversal are among the recent noteworthy additions.

image 21 145 jpg Potential for Ad-Supported Apple TV+ Emerges with Recent Strategic Hires

Apple has chosen not to reveal strategies, for introducing an ad-supported option on TV+. This decision falls in line with current industry practices. It’s worth noting that other major players like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max have already adopted ad-supported subscription models, at reduced prices.

Furthermore, Apple’s recent adjustment of TV+ subscription fees, with a hike in the monthly cost from $6.99 to $9.99 and the annual fee from $69 to $99, suggests a potential strategic pivot aimed at providing a more economically viable alternative to remain competitive in the increasingly saturated streaming landscape.

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image 21 144 jpg Potential for Ad-Supported Apple TV+ Emerges with Recent Strategic Hires

Although Apple has yet to make any official announcements regarding its plans, the influx of seasoned advertising professionals into its ecosystem underscores a deliberate and proactive approach toward exploring innovative revenue streams and enhancing the overall accessibility and appeal of its acclaimed streaming service.


  1. Will Apple TV+ introduce an ad-supported tier?

    There’s speculation, but Apple hasn’t confirmed any plans yet.

  2. How might an ad-supported tier change Apple TV+ subscriptions?

    If introduced, it could offer a lower-cost option or additional features supported by ads.


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