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Playstation Is Coming For Cloud, PC And Mobile: Sony CEO Revealed

Every time we hear about PlayStation, it just surprises us with its new plans and projects. This time, Sony’s CEO has revealed an interesting announcement about its legendary gaming platform.

What he has said in a recent interview is going viral, and the player community across the globe is delighted by it. Curious to know what it is, then hold on to your horses because we are here to tell that only. So without any further delays, let’s dive in.

Playstation Is Coming For Cloud, PC And Mobile

In a recent interview, the CEO of Sony revealed that they are working on bringing PlayStation to PC, cloud, and mobile. It will be a subscription, and users can only play one game at a time. This interview statement has dispelled doubts about the multi-device future of PlayStation.

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When the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida was in a video interview with the Norges Bank Investment Management he shared this information. He said that PlayStation is going to stay on consoles. However, the gaming experience can be expanded to mobile, PC and cloud.

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He further added,

“In short, it will be ubiquitous. Wherever there is computing, users will be able to play their favourite games seamlessly. Gamers will be able to find a place to play in different spaces. While PlayStation will remain our core product, we will expand our gaming experiences to PC, mobile, and the cloud.

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We already know that Sony has been working on expanding its gaming experience to smartphones. It is planning to do it through the PlayStation franchise. And for this purpose only they have acquired the mobile developer Savage Game Studios.

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Now, talking about the cloud version of the PlayStation franchise, Sony has released the PlayStation Portal device. However, as you may already know it is just a Remote Play gaming experience of the existing console games.

In the same interview, the CEO of Sony also explained why he thinks that subscriptions won’t necessarily take off in the same manner they did in the video streaming industry. He said,

“Well, we do subscription business model. At the same time, people usually play one game a time, so an all–you–can–eat type of many games may not be so valuable compared with video streaming services. We have kind of balanced a hybrid service on PlayStation network: subscription as well as paid content”.

Till now we have already seen the various PC ports of the earlier PlayStation exclusives. There is a long list including names like Marvel’s Spider–Man: Miles Morales, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn just to count a few. However, having this kind of pass will make the brand even more accessible and much like Microsoft, they can capitalize a wider range of audience.


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