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PlayStation 5 Pro: New Leak On AI Upscaling Support

A new leak is floating on the internet for the PlayStation 5 Pro. According to it, this gaming console can support AI upscaling; however, in what form is not specified.

This is another entry in the series of leaks after the ransomware attack on Insomniac Games. If you want to know more about this, then please give this article a read.

PlayStation 5 Pro To Support AI Upscaling

You may already know about the ransomware attack on Insomniac Games that happened a while ago. If not, then it will be of some use for us to discuss it in brief to understand everything clearly.

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So, what happened a group of hackers made a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games and breached their confidential data. Then it asked the gaming studio to pay a hefty sum as the ransomware amount and threatened to share their data publically. 

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However the studio declined, and hackers did what they said. Since, then we have been getting new leaks on the Insomniac Games, Sony, PlayStation, and on other related titles.

To what extent they are true or false, we can’t say that, but some leaks do hold ground. Now, a leak has been revealed that says that the PlayStation 5 Pro will support AI upscaling.

This leak has surfaced from the leaked slide of Marvel’s Wolverine that has been shared many times online. The slide contains information on the technologies that the future games by Insomniac Games will feature or that are being investigated.

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Film quality, facial animation, real-time global illumination, real-time damage, and regeneration are some of the features. In addition, there will be dynamic weather and foliage, improved locomotion, and deformable surfaces.

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Also, according to the slide, the game with one of Marvel Comics’ most popular heroes is going to introduce AI upscaling. This will be powered by machine learning. And there will be 60 frames per second base framerate in performance ray tracing mode.

Now, what arose speculation on the PlayStation 5 Pro with AI upscaling is from here. As you already know the PlayStation 5 doesn’t support any dedicated hardware for AI upscaling.

So, users are assuming that PlayStation 5 Pro will feature AI upscaling. Also, it is certain that it is not talking about AMD FSR support. It is because this tech is not powered by machine learning just like NVIDIA DLSS.

However, we must mention here that this is not the first time users are assuming AI upscaling in PlayStation 5 Pro. There was a recent leak claiming that the gaming console will have dedicated software for AI upscaling.


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