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Playstation 6 Featuring Ray Tracing Reconstruction – What It Has For You?

Although PlayStation 6 is far from being released right now, we are already having various leaks and news on it. Now the latest news on the gaming console is on the ray tracing reconstruction technology and how it will be different.

If you are interested in knowing more about the PlayStation 6, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss what’s in for the PlayStation 6. So let’s dig in.

PlayStation 6 Ray Tracing Reconstruction Technology

In a previous news update, or specifically a leak on the PlayStation 6, it is claimed that it will feature ray tracing reconstruction technology. And now we are hearing that this technology will be very unusual and uncommon.

Well, there is quite a lot of time in the launch of PlayStation 6 but we are already having a handful of leaks on it. And now it looks like Sony is working hard on this gaming console and wants to make it a perfect gaming device for players.

RedGamingTech shared a new video just a few days ago, and it featured some early rumors for the PlayStation 6. The video highlighted some of the interesting things that are important to know.

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As you may already know it is still early to make a guess about the PlayStation 6 GPU and CPU. What we know is that its APU is far behind Microsoft’s next–generation gaming console.

It is also evident from the fact that Sony will launch its gaming console after Microsoft launches its device. There are some rumors about the PlayStation 6 design and features, and assumptions are coming from every corner.

According to the latest rumors, the gaming console can feature a chipset design, the one already used by AMD in some non – gaming products. Also as per the rumors, Sony is working on some type of large cache to help developers deal with computing.

This will be also helpful in the mixed CPU and GPU workloads, as the gaming console is likely to use GDDR7 memory. With this memory setup, the company has to think about the PlayStation 6’s CPU.

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Till now there are no specified or concrete specs of PlayStation 6 but we have some clues. Through various interviews and talks, the company has pointed out, that the new gaming console will feature generative AI and ray tracing improvements.

So, we know for sure that Sony will be working on this area and hope that it will present something new. Here we must note that the introduction of generative AI by Sony will be an exciting thing and directed towards a more immersive gaming experience.


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