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Is Sony Really Going To Face A Lawsuit and Why?

As the saying goes, like two sides of a coin everything comes with good and bad sides. Just like technology, which is made for the benefit of humanity, however, can wreak havoc if not tamed.

Now, we are already getting some earlier signs of the bad side of the technological advancements we are making. Certain games are violent and are opposed because of the content they display. People are demanding an age limit for those games.

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Tech giants are said to be twisting laws in their favor and are alleged to be sharing their users. And the list goes on, there are so many issues that now people are raising and pressurizing governments to take strict against.

One recent and shocking case is of Sony, where is it said to face a $7.9 Billion mass lawsuit. And the reason for this is the PlayStation store pricing. Want to know more details about the case?

Then please give this article a read and get to know everything you should know. So, without beating around bushed let’s dive into our article.

Does Sony Really Have To Face A Lawsuit

Sony is said to face a mass lawsuit that could cost them up to $7.9 billion or £5 billion, as the lawsuit in the UK. According to details, the lawsuit against Sony was filed by Alex Neil, a popular name known for fighting for consumer rights.

He is also the co–founder of Consumer Voice. He filed the lawsuit in the month of August 2022 on behalf of the 8.9 million PlayStation users in the United Kingdom.

As the claim says, Sony has abused its near–monopoly of digital sales, through the PlayStation store. And has charged high prices for the in–game purchases and game sales. Moreover, it has also earned a 30% commission from developers and publishers of games.

WhatsApp Image 2023 11 24 at 10.54.58 Is Sony Really Going To Face A Lawsuit and Why?

The claim further goes on to say that all the prices set by Sony are disproportionate to the costs that it has incurred while providing said services to the customers.

Recently, there was a new movement in the case, and the CAT (Competition Appeal Tribunal) has ruled in favor of Alex Neil. This decision has allowed the group’s legal action to go to trial.

What matters here is that there are similar cases too, and they are using similar arguments too. So, we have to wait for a while and see in whose favor justice hails.

What we can hope here is that gaming giants can be more consumer–friendly and think over their pricing policies and other services.


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