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PlayStation 5 is the most popular console in the world as of 2022

If you didn’t know this but as per the latest article from Futbin which makes a report of the most Googled consoles & video games, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 has won the most popular console in the world crown. Formulating the data of Google searches within the last 12 months gives a good idea about the people’s mindset in a country.

The sample data took the most-used gaming consoles which are available in the world currently which include:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 4

So, as per this chart, you clearly see most people around the globe prefer PlayStations over the Xbox and that clearly makes sense. However, Xbox is though popular in some countries like China, Pakistan and other African countries while even the Nintendo Switch is quite popular in Latin American countries as well.

image 10 PlayStation 5 is the most popular console in the world as of 2022

But the major portion of the world is inclined to PlayStation 5 including the US, Canada, the European Union, a major chunk of African countries, South Asia and of course Australia & New Zealand as well. Having a market share of over 56% means a lot in modern days and PS5 accounts for the most Google searches about gaming consoles in 103 countries out of a sample of 184 countries.

In this console race, Nintendo Switch finishes a distant second place with the highest popularity in 36 countries while even the older PS4 rank highest in popularity in 11 countries still. On the contrary, the Xbox is the most popular in only 30 countries across the globe, however, in India and other countries, PlayStation 5’s availability has always been a major issue for buyers.

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