Friday, March 24, 2023
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Overwatch 2: Here’s how Blizzard is planning to address customer complaints

A community manager for Overwatch 2 posted a status update on the game’s official forums. The article covers some of the players’ top complaints regarding the game’s turbulent launch and explains how Blizzard plans to remedy these complaints.

The post started out by addressing the SMS requirement for Overwatch 2. All Overwatch 2 players had to connect their phones to their accounts prior to the update in an effort to hold people more accountable for cheating or other criminal behaviour. But after numerous players voiced their dissatisfaction with the system and blasted it for being exclusive, Blizzard has all but abandoned the rule for current players.

“The majority of our console community (players who already had Overwatch connected to their account, including any console player who has played since June 9, 2021) no longer need to meet SMS Protect requirements,” Blizzard wrote. “Any PC player who ever played the original Overwatch has this requirement removed.”

Blizzard has reaffirmed that your skins and other cosmetics are not lost for those who are experiencing problems with the merger of their accounts (including those whose Overwatch collections did not successfully transfer to Overwatch 2) and they are working to fix the problem. Thankfully, the database improvements from yesterday ought to hasten the procedure.

After addressing a few more bugs, the article thanks players for their patience and cautions them that matchmaking delays might increase.

“We understand that the launch experience has been frustrating for many people in our community. We deeply appreciate your patience and thank you for your support, and we are laser focused on improving the Overwatch 2 experience for all players.”

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