Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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OnePlus 11 reveals to have the highest AnTuTu score

Recent sightings of OnePlus devices rumoured as the OnePlus 11 with the model number PHB110 on Geekbench and China’s 3C certification are confirmed. Currently, the same device may be found in the Bluetooth SIG and AnTuTu benchmark databases. It is nothing more than the OnePlus 11 flagship device.

OnePlus 11

With 1,341,080 points, it holds the highest benchmark score on AnTuTu. It earned 295,159, 574,508, 268,112, and 203,301 points in the CPU, GPU, RAM, and UX tests, respectively.

A OnePlus smartphone with the model number CPH2451 surfaced in the Bluetooth SIG’s database in November. An entry for the PHB110 gadget is now shown in the same listing.

OnePlus 11

We may therefore state that the CPH2451 model number corresponds to the global edition and the PHB110 model number to the Chinese edition. On February 7th, India will officially release the OnePlus 11. If it will debut in China this month has not yet been determined.


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