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Nvidia ACE: Ubisoft And MiHoYo Become The First Studio To Sign Up

AI is gradually taking over the world, and a recent example of this is Nvidia ACE. With its first generative AI technology, the company has opened a gate to explore a new dimension. And one of the first explorers is Ubisoft and MiHoYo.

In this article, we will be discussing this new AI tech by Nvidia and how Ubisoft and MiHoYo sign up for it. So, without any further delays let’s dive into our article.

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Ubisoft And MiHoYo Sign Up for Nvidia ACE

Recently, Nvidia has demonstrated the power of its AI-generated video character tool. As per the official details, it is the Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine, also known as Nvidia ACE. It is a new AI-driven technology platform that can create more realistic video game characters.

Behind this comprehensive AI technology, there is a whole mechanism working. It starts with the player’s voice, which is processed through a speech recognition model. It then creates text, which, according to Nvidia, is then added to a large language model, also known as the LLM.

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Further, the response by LLM is moved through text-to-speech and animation models to make the final product. Through this technology, players can create lifelike in-game players that can talk with players.

WhatsApp Image 2024 01 11 at 11.24.06 Nvidia ACE: Ubisoft And MiHoYo Become The First Studio To Sign Up

Definitely, this will be an incredible experience for players, allowing them to interact with game characters. This is something completely different from the previously sought-after gaming experience that is just centered around controlling the game characters.

However, now with Nvidia ACE, gaming companies and development studios can offer their players a realistic gaming experience. Recently, in a video demonstration of this AI technology, Nvidia showcased a dialogue between two NPCs at CES 2024.

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This video demonstration was created by Nvidia in collaboration with Convai, which is a tech company working on conversational AI. There are two prominent names we can count on here: Tencent and NetEase, which are also exploring the utilization of Nvidia ACE.

This AI technology was first introduced at Computex 2023, and according to Nvidia, it is trained on “safe and secure data.”. As online activities increase with each passing year, concerns regarding data privacy are also increasing.

Also, Nvidia further talked about its ACE technology and said that it can be used across any engine, like Unreal Engine 5. It can run in real-time offline on local hardware or through cloud storage.

This generative AI tool is gaining traction among game developers, especially after the launch of ChatGPT. Now, tech developers are exploring more dimensions and aspects of AI and how it can be used in different yet unique ways.


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