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Nintendo Switch 2 Is Going To Reveal: What You Can Expect

As we are stepping into the year 2024, we are expecting Nintendo Switch 2 to come down this year. However, that’s not it, and people have already started to speculate about what they will be getting from the new gaming console.

If you are also wondering what you will get from the Nintendo Switch 2, then you have hit the right page. In this article, we will be talking about the Switch 2 and what it can possibly offer users. So, without delay, let’s dive in.

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Nintendo Switch 2

Till now, there has been no announced date for the Nintendo Switch 2, however, everyone is assuming that it will be this year. And there are pretty good reasons for that.

It has been months now since we all started hearing reports of dev kits that might be in the studio’s hands. Also recently, in their New Year’s messages, many Japanese developers have talked about the new Nintendo console openly.

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So, all these hints are enough to assume that we will be welcoming a new Nintendo console this year. However, what’s more interesting than this are the speculations on what the console offers.

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Although there are many voices, the most prominent one comes from the article on 2024 predictions on Gamesindustry.biz. Kantan Games analyst Dr. Serkan Toto has analyzed the current trends and previous versions of the gaming console.

He has been indulging in the analyst thing for quite a while, and it is said that he has some inside knowledge. This is based on his previous prediction of the Japanese gaming industry. Now, he has shared his views on the Nintendo Switch 2.

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According to him, the new Nintendo Switch 2 will be the same as its predecessor in terms of features. However, it will come with a higher price tag than the Nintendo Switch 1.

Also, it is likely that it will make games a bit expensive, and I shared some more information on the Nintendo Switch 2.

“The time is finally here for a Switch successor, even though I can say a “Pro” model actually did exist and certain developers were already working with the dev kit. I believe the next hardware will drop next year for $400. There is a high chance that games will cost more, too: $70. The next system is also likely to be an iteration rather than a revolution. Nintendo might add some bells and whistles to the device, but it will be similar to the current Switch. And because there is Pokémon, and Pokemon is associated with handheld gaming, there is no way on earth Nintendo will drop the portability feature for their next big thing.”


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