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Nintendo Switch 2 Will Come With Backward Compatibility: A New Update

Nintendo Switch 2, a rumoured successor of Nintendo Switch has got a new update. This time it’s about its hardware stating that it may come with backward compatibility. 

Well, all the way around we are getting rumors on the gaming console. And this is when it is not even confirmed that there will be a successor to the Nintendo Switch. 

So, it’s kind of interesting to see what rumors are circulating online about the gaming console and to what extent they come true. If you also want to know the recent rumour about the Nintendo Switch 2 then please give this article a read. 

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Nintendo Switch 2 Will Come With Backward Compatibility 

Yes, you heard it right, according to a recent rumour Nintendo Switch 2 may come with enhanced features including hardware. However, for now, nothing is sure, even the existence of the gaming console. 

Recently Portuguese outlet Universo Nintendo’s Necro’ Felipe Lima has shared some information about the new Nintendo Switch gaming console. It has been said that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature physical and digital backward compatibility. 

In the content shared by journalist and content creator PH Brazil and in the past have written many informative articles about Nintendo. Further, in the words of Felipe, 

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“PH Brazil is currently a content creator and also a games journalist who has already brought a lot of information about Nintendo’s or partners’ movements in advance and with precision in the past. Taking its history into account, there is a high chance that this information will become fact when the console is announced.”

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According to the writer and Necro Felipe, the gaming console will be compatible with ongoing gaming consoles and cartridges and with the digital library as well. Also, it is said that this feature will be available for developers too. 

This is good news as it will imply that there will be chances of improvements of the Switch games on the upcoming hardware of the Nintendo Switch 2. They further added that this backward compatibility feature is underway testing and will come with the gaming console. 

In addition, the insider said that the improvements in the current Nintendo Switch are still unknown as there is no official announcement or comment on it. Also, we don’t know to what extent there will be improvements in the Switch games. 

But, once again it is important to note that everything is unsure unless there is an official announcement on it. So we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Here, we can only hope that Nintendo Switch 2 will launch soon, stay tuned for more updates. 


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