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Nintendo Next Fiscal Year Plans: Get It Here

We have news on the Nintendo next fiscal year plans which it will be sharing soon. As the new year of 2024 has begun every gaming studio and company is sharing plans for their new projects or games.

When that’s the case how Nintendo can be left behind, it will be sharing its plans for the next fiscal year soon. And that’s something exciting because we get to know what to expect from Nintendo for the next year.

If you are curious about that, then don’t wander here and there anymore because you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing more about Nintendo’s next fiscal year plans. So let’s dive in.

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Nintendo Next Fiscal Year Plans

Recently Nintendo has shared the earning charts for the third quarter of their 2024 fiscal year. To be more clear, this time period run from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. And as it was reported, the company made good earnings.

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These three months were pretty decent for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch is just some figures away to edging over the PS2. So, we can say that the Switch is doing good enough if it is giving competition to the best – selling console ever by Sony.

Also, the first three quarter of the Fiscal Year 2024 have set a sales record for the company. It is to bring about $2.8 billion, which is a pretty huge sum. Although no one knows how they are going to do it, or will they really be able to achieve this target.

However, we do have one more topic to ponder over, what about the upcoming projects. There are already rumours mushrooming on the online platforms that Switch’s successor is coming down this year.

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However, till now, Nintendo hasn’t shared any words about the new successor to the Switch or announced any release window. That is why we have to take this rumour with a grain of salt.

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The rumours are more likely to be confirmed soon, as the cadence of their publishing seems to suggest the same. However if you are looking for any news on the earnings briefing, then there will be no luck.

Even the President of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa has kept his lips sealed. And he doesn’t share what might be coming down to the players. However, that’s not all, and he did provide a hint about when we can get more news.

In a recent statement about the Nintendo’s next fiscal year plans, he said that the Switch will continue to be the company’s “main business”. This will remain the case as we all head into 2024. He further said that Nintendo next fiscal year plans will be shared during their next Q4 2024 earnings briefing.

But then again, the Fiscal Year 2024 is going to end on March 31, and Nintendo has reported their Q4 earnings in the month of May. So we can expect to get some more news about the Nintendo next fiscal year plans in the meantime.


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