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New Report states of Graphics Card Shipments seeing considerable Improvement By Summer of 2022

According to several sources in the GPU manufacturing business, computer component shortages, particularly in the graphics card market, are likely to improve by the middle of 2022.

According to a recent DigiTimes report, industry insiders expect a transition in the summer of 2022. Manufacturers of graphics cards have relied on Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Company to produce Ajinomoto build-up films substrates, also known as ABF substrates, for numerous years. These ABF substrates were used by Intel to connect to their PCB designs. To manufacture more resilient microprocessors, the business used Ajinomoto Company’s film-like insulating technique.

However, the technology existed before Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Company found the insulation material in the 1970s, which was in the 1990s. Intel discovered that the material’s outstanding electrical insulating qualities were required to advance its technology. Since then, the ABF substrate technology has been used in the packaging of CPUs, chips, integrated networking circuits, automotive processors, and a variety of other goods. The industry’s slow movement of graphic cards was largely due to its reliance on the substrate insulation company. AMD and Intel have promised their customers that they will look into removing the dependency and assisting in the rebirth of the market.

We continue — on the substrate side, in particular, I think, there has been underinvestment in the industry. So, we have taken the opportunity to invest in some substrate capacity dedicated to AMD, and that’ll be something that we continue to do going forward.

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— Dr. Lisa Su, AMD CEO

Intel’s Pat Gelsinger also appears to see optimism with the market:

By partnering closely with our suppliers, we are creatively utilizing our internal assembly factory network to remove a major constraint in our substrate supply. Coming online in Q2, this capability will increase the availability of millions of units in 2021. It is a great example where the IDM model gives us the flexibility to address the dynamic market.

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— Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO

According to a DigiTimes story published today, ASRock and TUL (PowerColor) insiders expect a major improvement in the current ABF substrate shortage starting this summer. AMD and Intel have both stated that they are searching for new substrate partners to help with the graphics card production process.

Due to the demand for more computers and devices during the epidemic, package production facilities and ABF substrates have decreased in supply during the last few years. ABF substrate suppliers like as NanYa and Unimicron, both based in Taiwan, are doing everything they can to assist manufacturers in relieving some of Ajinomoto Fine-Techno Company’s workload. The scarcity appears to be coming to an end this year, thanks to the additional factories created to ensure that this process is realized.

The outcomes of not all ABF substrate supply reports have been the same. The ABF substrate supply might be discontinued until closer to 2025, according to the Singapore Business Times in September 2021.

ASRock and TUL are AMD partners, thus their predictions of future graphics card production could be on par with Dr. Su’s. ASRock and TUL may be able to acquire access to resources as a result of AMD’s increased payment.

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