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Happy Ending OTT Release date: Everything about the new Dutch comedy releasing on Netflix

From next week, you can stream, and learn more about Happy Ending OTT Release date (2023), a brand-new Dutch comedy around threesomes and orgasms. In this article, you can read everything about the new Netflix movie.

Threesome in orgasms

Gaite Jansen takes on the character of Luna. She forms a couple with Mink (Martijn Lakemeier), who are impartial, celebrating their first anniversary. Mink knows that his friends have been counterfeiting her orgasm since the beginning of their relationship, but Luna doesn’t provocation bring it up anymore.

Happy Ending: Cast

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You are starting through the cast of the film. I am well aware that you continually remain eager to know about this. You will be frightened to know that your favorite stars will be featured in this flick, and these are:

Gaite Jansen: Gaite Jansen is the gifted Happy Ending OTT Release date Dutch young acting talent of her generation seen in the show Jett (2019); she likewise played recurring roles on BBC’s Peaky Blinders (2013) Season 3 in addition to Line of Duty (2012) Season 4

Martijn Lakemeier: He amuses himself with numerous roles in Dutch films and TV series, such as De Marathon (2012), The Secrets of Barslet (2012), Ventoux (2015), and Yes I Do (2015). Joy Delima: Our Boys in Miami, Revenge! – Monique Zegers (podcast), Last Ride Happy Ending OTT Release date daughter (short film), Meskina – Patricia, 2023: Happy Ending (film) – Eve (upcoming, Netflix)

Claire Bender: Claire Bender is famed for her roles in Zomer in Zeeland (2018), besides Rundfunk (2015).

Sinem Kavus: She is well-identified for Forever Rich (2021), Mocro Maffia: Meltem (2021), and The Girl Who Was Cursed (2021).

Sidar Toksöz: The actor is known for Happy Ending (2023), Omet (2006), and Dag & Nacht (2023)

What is the Storyline of Happy Ending?

Luna (played by Gaite Jansen) and Mink (Amuse Yourself by Martijn Lakemeier) are closely connected couples through their first anniversary. Unperceivable to Mink, Luna has been simulating her orgasms since the commencement of their relationship, a secret she has hidden for so long that she lacks the bravery to bring up the topic.


The official trailer of the picture has been out, and it shares some of the dramatic moments that will income place in the film. Netflix shared two trailers within two months. With it, you can have hints of some changes that might be faced by the girl in her relationship. Furthermore, in this 2-minute trailer, you will notice how the fun part of a threesome turns weak for their relationship.

Where to watch Happy Ending and Happy Ending OTT Release date?

If you are questioning the platform to watch this Happy Ending OTT Release date movie, then let me inform you that the film will be available on a watercourse on Netflix in the United States. You can stream the movie at any time and in all corners of your room, but before that, you must acquire a subscription to Netflix. Happy Ending is going to stream on Netflix from 1st September 2023 onwards.

The platform suggests three plans: Basic, Medium, and Standard; hence, you can pick your project at your convenience.

Who Is In The Making of Happy Ending?

happy endings leaving netflix in june 2022 after year 1 Happy Ending OTT Release date: Everything about the new Dutch comedy releasing on Netflix

Happy Ending OTT Release date 2023 was written and focused by Joosje Duk and was submitted for the Netflix New Voices Competition in 2021. Produced underneath the banners of Topkapi Films, it will be available to Brook on Netflix starting September 1, 2023. Max de Wolf, Frans Van Gestel, Laurette Schillings, and Arnold Heslenfeld are the producers of the movie Happy Ending.


The movie Happy Ending is a thrilling film produced under the banners of Topkapi Films. It is all set to premiere on September 1, 2023, on your favorite stand, Netflix. Starring Gaite Jansen, Martijn Lakemeier, and Joy Delima, the flick will delve deep into the challenges faced by Luna and Mink in their connection after a daring notion proposed by Luna. So, don’t miss this fantastic tale of love and intricacy.

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  1. What is the Happy Ending OTT Release Date?

    The Happy Ending OTT Release Date is on 1st September 2023.

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