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Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

There are more than hundreds of projects in development on Netflix and we have seen that the streaming service holds some of the notable video game IPs to create TV shows and also films. Now, if you o0bserve then you may see that Video a game and movie IP mot always drawn the best reputations.  Recently, however, things already have started to develop in a large part of the streaming services. 

The new reports confirm that Netflix is not going to stand in the space and already has made and acquired several video game projects that include: 

Now we will focus on the future of the video game projects that Netflix recently continued the works on. Indeed, Netflix is not standing still in space and also has already been produced and got several video game projects.

Here is the list of video game projects: 

  1. Castlevania 
  1. Dragon’s Dogma 
  1. Minecraft: Story Mode 
  1. Skylanders: Academy 
  1. The Witcher 
  1. Dragon Quest: Your Story 
  1. Pokemon series & movies 
  1. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood 
  1. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness 
  1. Arcane 
  1. Angry Birds: Summer Madness 
  1. The Cuphead Show!  

13. Resident Evil 

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Type: Live-action TV Series 

Netflix has revealed some extensive stories for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. It was started in 2006 from some trace of improper access to the hidden presidential files got from the network of the White House. The federal agent of America Leo s. Kennedy is in the group invited to the White House for the investigation of this incident. After the lights go out Leo and the entire SWAT are forced to take down in front of mysterious zombies. 

The staff member of TerraSave Claire Redfield had encountered a strange image by youth in the country that she was visited during the support of refugees. After becoming haunted by the painting that appears to be a victim of viral infection, Claire began her investigation. 

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On the next morning, Claire visited the White House to request the construction of the welfare facility. There is a chance to meet with Leon to show the drawing of the boy. After that Leon understood some sort of connection between the Zombie outbreak at the White House and the boy’s drawing but he did not say anything about it to Claire. At that time the Zombie outbreak already had hit the core of the nation. 

image 153 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

12. Assassin’s Creed 

Type: Live-action TV series  + animated series TV Series 

It is expected that Assassin’s Creed will also get the same treatment on Netflix as The Witcher as that show also has the main series, a spin-off, and an animated series in the works. It has been promised in the original announcement by saying that adaptations of live-action animated and anime series are under process. They are also yet to get a showrunner on the board. It can change as in April 2021 in the interview it said that the team had secured a couple of talents for the series but also enthusiastic to stress that they are taking their time to this project. 

It has informed that the live-action series that spearhead this incredible game on Netflix is actually what is the first time launching with the animated project that has taken a backseat to permit the studio behind that to concentrate on their active projects. 

It is reported on the backburner that there is the internal studio of Ubisoft that is working on Raving Rabbids and are recently very tough at work on a Far Cry animated series that was announced in October 2019 and assumed to be called captain Laserhawk: A Blood dragon Vibe. It is still unknown how much time Far Cry will take to develop and we also don’t know about shifting the focus on the Assassin’s Creed. 

It is informed that in the middle of June 2021, Variety exposed Jeb Stuart to be on board to serve as both the writer and also as the showrunner of the action series. This 65-year-old writer is well known for his brilliant work on Die Hard and also Fugitive. This popular writer is also behind Netflix’s new series Vikings: Valhalla. 

image 154 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

11. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners 

Type: Animated TV Series 

It was the first time declared in June 2020, we are waiting almost for a year and also a half for more updates on the Netflix spin-off and also for the adaptation of the popular sci-fi video game Cyberpunk 2077. It seems like Studi Trigger has been very busy working on the project, and we are still looking forward to the release of the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners sometime in 2022. 

This is mainly a popular upcoming Netflix Original anime series and also the spin-off of the CD Projekte Rd Video game Cyberpunk 2077. The story of this series has been written by Yoshiki Usa and Masahiko Otsuka, both of whom have worked jointly on Star Wars: Visions, Little Witch Academia, and SSSS.Dynazenon. 

It is mainly based on a Street Kid who is trying to survive in technology and also at the body modification obsessed own at the future. After losing everything he has chosen to stay alive as an Edgerunner a Mercenary outlaw that is also known as the Cyberpunk. It has also been reported that this Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has a separate story from the last Cyberpunk 2077, this story will take place in the  Night City. 

image 155 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

10. Splinter Cell 

Type: Animated TV Series 

It seems that the Video Game industry is very rich nowadays with interesting stories and also strange characters and Splinter Cell belongs from one of those many Ubisoft titles that are getting adopted on Netflix. The first look of the Sam Fisher has got in June 2021. 

Netflix’s Splinter Cell has been written by Derek Kolstad who is famous for making the massive hit franchise John Wick which is featured, Keanu Reeves. He also has shown his excitement about working on Splinter Cell in a current interview. 

He has said that Animation is fucking cool dude. You just send a script and that will make it. It is not just a matter of casting this, this, this, or that. It is just like what you want to do Derek? He thinks that it would be cool. 

It is still unknown about the plot of the first season but Derek Kolstad has commented that every season will be self-contained, besides the evolution of the main character. He also looks like one big, bad, and overarching tale and also one of the background stories with the A/B of it. And he is looking for everything that he can do mainly in film and TV to be the Best Western. He just rides off into the sunset as he is now going for the same thing to the next town over until he one this. 

image 156 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

9. Tomb Raider 

Type: Animated TV Series  

The four streaming services Netflix, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Legendary Television have collaborated with the latest animated series that revolves around the Tomb Raider video game franchise. It is the first time that an anime project has been announced for Skull Island. Back into January 2021, it is an upcoming new animated project set to hit on Netflix. 

On its website, Netflix has enlisted this project as a Japanese action animation series that has been described as an adventurous road trip. In IMDb, it has been described as heroine Lara Croft as she explores the latest territory. 

Now, this series has been renowned in the slew of popular video game that has been adapted on Netflix. As a franchise, this series exists still in the middle of the 90s and has become one of the largest gaming franchises of history that also has been made up its way to reveal to the big screen like the Tomb Raider films by Angelina Jolie. 

This franchise has contained 17 video games by entering reportedly, on its way. In just 5 years this game will come with its 30-year-old anniversary. We will like to inform you that there are three films set to release soon based on the video game IP containing two of Angelia Jolie’s entries like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Cradle of Life. The reboot will feature Alicia Vikander’s arrival in 2018  under the sequel development set to release by Warner Brothers. 

image 157 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

8. Bioshock 

Type: Film 

Bioshock: The Collection is seriously free on the Epic Games store. The surprise that is the freebie is definitely the second ‘Mystery game’. It mainly holds the remastered versions of the heralded trilogy like every piece of DLC. The game was developed by 21K Martin rather than the irrational games. 

image 158 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

7. Beyond Good and Evil 

Type: Live-Action film  

It is mainly a live-action adaptation of the popular Ubisoft game just Beyond Good and Evil declared on Netflix in July 2020. At that time, Netflix was looking for such writers to pen down the script. This Netflix is Beyond Good and Evil helmed by Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman. 

image 159 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

6. Sonic Prime 

Type: Animated TV Series 

Sonic has become the breath of the world after the first of its open zone game. SEGA  has declared that their upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog has been newly titled with Sonic frontiers. The trailer has been exposed to such a new official name with the latest Sonic title, and also even teased the “open zone” aspect with the next adventure Blue Blur. It seems that the trailer for not even much about the way the gameplay, but it has given such short glimpses at the world about the player will get the opportunity to run around at insane speeds.

It has also revealed such lush environments like sunset-tinged hills, waterfalls, and also forests with the remnants having something ancient that is also residing with towers can be evoked as Breath of the Wild or may be any number of Ubisoft games that have been set out in the distance. The trailer has ended with Sonic battling against some type of mechanical giant. 

It has exposed such open-world hub areas also like both Sonic Adventure games and it is the first time in the series long history and it will be taking the game to, “open zone inspired”. The USA  creative officer of the Sonic team  Takashi Iizuka had also this to say on the changing of the game from the usual formula of Sonic,  he says, ” 

image 160 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

5. Dragon’s Lair 

Type: Live-Action Feature film 

Originally, Ryan Reynolds was declared to be on board with the 5recent live-action feature film that was first declared back in March 2020. The game itself is from the 1980s and also has been considered as one of the retro greats Blush, Gary Goldman, and Jon Pomeroy are supposed to produce. 

image 162 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

4. The Division 

Type: Live-Action film  

It is another product of Tom Clancy’s work. It will come on Netflix and also form a feature film. 

It will follow the exact basic storyline as the video game based on in the near future with such a devastating virus released upon the citizens of New York City on Black Friday. This virus has spread over the paper monkey, and also will kill millions within the city, and also little remains of society have been descended into chaos. 

image 163 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

3. Far Cry & Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix 

Type: Anime series  

It has set to come on Netflix as part of the many titles that belong to Ubisoft just like an anime  series that revolves around the Far Cry series and also technically a spin-off title also which will incorporate many of the licenses of Ubisoft 

This Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix has been produced by Adi Shankar and also has been featured in “alter egos of Ubisoft characters in a highly referenced homage to the early ‘90s. 

image 164 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

2. Pokemon 

Type: Live-Action film  

Netflix is going releasing many exclusive Pokémon contents for some time now and that will continue with season 24 from September 2021. 

Additionally, the co-showrunner of Lucifer, Joe Henderson is also working on the live-action Pokémon TV series adaptation also. 

image 165 Netflix will drop many exciting Video Game Adaptions in 2022 with fantastic updates 

1. Horizon Zero Dawn 

Type: Lice-action 

Horizon Zero Dawn is definitely one of the popular action role-playing games made by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is based on Aloy who is a teen huntress in a world overrun by machines, who starts her journey to reveal her past. 

Netflix Rumored Other Video game Projects 

  1. There was a Zelda series under development but Nintendo killed the project 
  1. A God of War Series based on the franchise with the same name is under development at Netflix. 
  1. Bioshock is one of the hotly rumored video game IP sets to hit on Netflix 
  1. Devil May Cry is an animated series based on the popular fantasy franchise with the same name as Capcom has been declared in 2018. 
  1. There is a final fantasy series that have been listed here but upon further research, Netflix’s involvement is not yet been confirmed by Sony and Hivemind 
  1. Splinter Cell and Cyberpunk have already been listed above but there have such reports that there could be such live-action adaptations for them also. 

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