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Milan Skriniar to sign for PSG in June 2023: No change in plans

Milan Skriniar is expected to join PSG at the end of the season when his contract with Inter expires. The player will not be signing a renewal with the Nerazzurri, in spite of the club’s efforts to keep him. 

There was an opportunity for PSG to sign him during the January transfer window itself. But, they did not want to pay the €20 million asking price to speed up the deal in the middle of the season. Instead, they will wait until the end of the season to sign him on a free transfer. 

Milan Skriniar still expected to join PSG at the end of the season 

As a result of his transfer, he has been stripped of the captain’s armband by Inter Milan. Samir Handanovic has assumed responsibilities as the club captain, as revealed by head coach Simeone Inzaghi. 

Currently, he is out injured and was unable to feature in their 2-1 defeat to Spezia. However, he is not expected to miss any more games and should return to training ahead of their next match. 

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There is a pre-contract agreement in place between Milan Skriniar and PSG as there was in January. The registration cannot be done yet as there is still time until the transfer window opens. However, it will be signed and sealed at the end of the season when registrations can be made. 


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