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Mika Marmol: 22-year-old transfer target for Barcelona and Girona

Mika Mármol’s future is poised for a potential shift in the upcoming summer transfer window. Following an impressive half-season stint at Las Palmas under García Pimienta, where he demonstrated consistent growth and performance, several La Liga clubs and even some overseas teams are gearing up to make offers once the transfer market opens.

Barcelona is closely monitoring these developments, given that they retained 50% of Mármol’s rights in his transfer to Andorra, as confirmed by Las Palmas’ president, Miguel Ángel Ramírez. Additionally, Barcelona holds a matching option, although it’s unlikely to be exercised.

Among the suitors, Girona, led by Míchel, appears to be the most interested in the left-footed center-back. Barcelona sees Mika Mármol as a potential significant source of income in the upcoming summer window, particularly given Girona’s ambitions to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Barcelona and Girona keeping tabs on Mika Marmol for the summer transfer window

However, there are complexities surrounding the potential transfer, particularly regarding loan regulations. Clubs within the same group, such as Girona and City, face restrictions on loaning players if they both compete in top continental competitions. Whether Manchester City can navigate these regulations by purchasing Mármol and then transferring him remains to be seen.

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Girona has already begun gathering information about Mármol’s situation, indicating their serious interest. Meanwhile, Las Palmas is starting to come to terms with the possibility of losing him but is holding firm on their asking price, which stands at 30 million euros, although some sources suggest it could be negotiated down to 10 million euros. This reduction is due to the need to share revenue with Barcelona and reinvest in a player with similar capabilities in the market.

Beyond monetary considerations, Barcelona’s intuition suggests that Manchester City may play a pivotal role in facilitating the transfer, potentially acting as a bridge in the operation.


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