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Messi’s father talks to the media for the first time since arriving in Barcelona

Leo Messi’s father has arrived in Barcelona today. 2nd September can be a big day for Barcelona and Messi fans as Jorge Messi has a meeting with Bartomeu before afternoon.

Jorge Messi has spoken with Deportes Cuatro exclusively about the future of his son and sees it as “difficult” for him to continue with the Barça team.

Messi’s father talks about his son’s future

  • Deportes Cuatro: Jorge, Hello … Is Leo going to leave Barça or what?
  • Jorge Messi: I don’t know
  • DC: How do you see it?
  • JM: Difficult
  • DC: Hard to stay?
  • JM: Yes
  • DC: And Manchester City is a good option?
  • JM: I don’t know, there is nothing.
  • DC: Did you talk to Pep and he told you that maybe it is better that you stay at Barça?
  • JM: I didn’t talk to Pep
  • DC: Didn’t you talk to Pep?
  • JM: No, with nobody
  • DC: And how do you see the future at Barça?
  • JM: Difficult, difficult

As things stand for now, it seems Messi is hell bent to leave Barcelona. He doesn’t want to continue under this board.

Messi has three possible offers on his hand. He is most likely to reunite with Guardiola at Manchester City but he also has an offer from PSG to form a historic trio alongside Neymar and Mbappe.

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Juventus has also shown their interest in Messi. They want to form an iconic duo of Ronaldo and Messi in the same team. Messi’s Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez is also reportedly joining the Turin-based club this summer so it won’t be hard for Messi to adapt to the team.

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