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Mahindra Scorpio X Trademark Approved for New Pickup; Other Variants Face Objections

Mahindra pickup trucks are quite popular, in global markets. The company is currently working on developing products, including one that is based on the Scorpio N platform. Year Mahindra revealed their pickup as the Global Pickup Concept. Recently they have trademarked ‘Scorpio X,’ which is likely to be the name for the Scorpio N-based pickup truck. Along with Scorpio X trademarks have been filed for Scorpio K, Scorpio L, Scorpio M, and Scorpio Z; however, only Scorpio X has received approval so far.

Mahindra Scorpio X

All About the Mahindra Scorpio X

The anticipated launch of the pickup is set for 2025. It will be available not just domestically but also in international markets where Mahindra already has a strong presence. Testing of the Mahindra Scorpio X pickup has already begun with sightings on roads. In countries like South Africa, where Mahindra offers pickups like Karoo, Bolero, and Pik Up (in the cab and double cab versions) pickups are commonly known as ‘Bakkies.’

The introduction of the Mahindra Scorpio X pickup will extend to regions such as Australia, Africa the Middle East, North Africa, and SCA (South and Central Asia). Mahindra also plans to introduce the Scorpio X, in ASEAN markets at a stage.

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image 100 54 jpg Mahindra Scorpio X Trademark Approved for New Pickup; Other Variants Face Objections

The upcoming Mahindra Scorpio X pickup truck, inspired by the design of the Scorpio N SUV will be constructed on a platform developed at Mahindras India Design Studio (MIDS). This fresh platform is expected to improve durability and flexibility and can accommodate powertrain options, including variants.

In comparison to the Scorpio N SUV, the Mahindra Scorpio X pickup showcases a front appearance with distinctive features like a roof-mounted LED light bar, blacked-out grille, prominent bumper, and front and rear winches. The side view includes a snorkel, stylish alloy wheels, side steps, and roof rails. The rear design echoes that of the front. The Mahindra Scorpio X will come equipped with an array of premium features such, as Level 2 ADAS technology, a display, digital instrument cluster, wireless charging capability, driver drowsiness detection system 5G connectivity support, front side and curtain airbags for safety measures, and trailer sway mitigation feature.

image 100 55 jpg Mahindra Scorpio X Trademark Approved for New Pickup; Other Variants Face Objections

It is anticipated that the Mahindra Scorpio X pickup will offer engine choices as those found in the Scorpio N SUV model. This includes a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine that generates 200 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque paired with either a 6-speed transmission or 380 Nm with the 6-speed transmission.

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The 2.2 liter diesel engine will come in two versions, one, with 130 horsepower and 300 Nm torque and another with 172 horsepower and either 370 Nm or 400 Nm. The Scorpio X model will feature four-wheel drive along, with terrain modes.


  1. <strong>What is the <strong>anticipated launch date of Mahindra Scorpio X?</strong></strong>

    The Mahindra Scorpio X is expected to launch in 2025.

  2. <strong>Is <strong>Mahindra Scorpio X</strong></strong> <strong>a pickup?</strong>

    Yes, Mahindra Scorpio X is a pickup car.


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